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sex talk and a song

I'm working on the rest of those answers, all of which will come today, none of which anyone really cares about, but which I am obligated to answer, even if some of those answers will get me into trouble.

Meanwhile, I had two requests. The first person asked if I had a mp3 of the song I linked to in the post below. Why, yes. I do. Here it is:

Brand New - Sic Transit Gloria - mp3.


The other request came from someone who thought that, in light of both the post below and the celebration of ASV's fourth anniversary, that I should repeat some of the posts in which I had conversations with my kids about sex.

Ok, filler on a busy day works just fine for me.

I know there's more, can't think of them offhand. But enjoy these if you haven't already read them.

Back with the other stuff later.


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Let me first issue a keyboard/monitor alert before I go any farther. I was reading Michele's site over lunch, and busted out over her conversations with her kids. Gives me something to look forward to with my mine. sex talk and a song [Read More]


Those links are absolutely FABULOUS! I've taken a couple days off for combination mental health/pending cold "fending offing". I need a belly shaking laugh...those are priceless.

So...how did you pay back the stock boy? ;)

OMG I nearly sprayed the keyboard and monitor. Reminded me of once in 3rd grade, our bus broke down one morning and we got picked up by another driver & his bus. Someone had written in the dust in the back "Fuck you Mr. ..." with the driver's name. I had never seen or heard the word before, and nobody would tell me what it meant. SO I had to wait all day, nearly getting in trouble for asking, until I got home. "Mom, what does fuck mean?" (Now that I am a mom I understand the look she got.) THen she told me...the birds and the bees. I had known them, but had never actually put 1 & 1 together in a visual. I was so grossed out. (I was like 8 or 9 years old.)

I hit her with the blow job question early 8th grade. Got same look from her before she answered.

omg, remind me never to have kids...

OMFG. That quote just made my day.

well, not to be an arse, he wasn't totally wrong there. lmao

i've recently been informed that my 12 year old son has pubes now. i thought i was going to cry.

I wish my kids were so innocent- a few years ago, when my oldest was 14, I was riding (in Colorado) with my ex and the boys. Number one son spotted a car with Kentucky vanity license plates that read, "KY WOMAN".

This was hysterically funny for a 14 year old, and I couldn't help but chuckle when my ex exasperatedly said, "She's from Kentucky, dammit!"

Yeah right. At least his nine year old little brother didn't get the joke...

Weird. Even though I'm not saying they're fake, It's just fun reading. lol.