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Idol Chatter

Ok, you American Idol freaks. Talk about the show over here.

It's ok - you can leave a fake name in the comments so no one has to know you're watching. I won't even trace your IP and shove you out of the AI closet or anything.


Man, that one girl was really good. And could you believe that freak they let on? What about that guy who was pretty good and almost got there until Simon decide to lop his head off with an insult? Man, what a show!

(sorry, it's not on here for another 57 minutes)

I liked the Christian guy...thought he had a great voice, Gene just didn't like him because Gene doesn't like religion! (or marriage or morals! ha!)

Well, one thing Gene isn't is a hypocrite. The advice he gave him wasn't bad.

True...Gene is honest if nothing else. He is very open about his feelings and he was right about the guy being able to make it in country music because religion is more acceptable in country music than in pop or rock.

Of course, then there is that little country band U2 ...