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Q & A, Walk Into The Fire (Updated)

Well, I have no one but myself to blame. I thought everyone would be, you know, nice, and not hold my feet over the fire. But that's ok. Some day the burning foot will be on the other, err..shoe. Or something.

So, let's get this anniversary party started. Just go back to the original post to see who asked what.

If money wasn't an issue, what would be your top five vacation spots (US Only)? why?

Disney World, because I will never, ever get enough of the happiest place on earth.
Tampa, to visit some friends
D.C., to spend a few days in the Smithsonian
Cleveland, to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Green Bay, specifically Lambeau Field

I'm not much of a traveling/vacation person.

What is best in life?

Guinness and cold pizza

This one probably counts as a FAQ by now, but (no snobbery intended or implied): Why no Beatles in the Top 500? Is it a "Just don't like 'em" kind of thing, or are there other motivations?

I once sent Ringo a marriage proposal made out of macaroni art. He never answered me. I threw out all my Beatles albums and turned to a life of heavy metal and petty crime. I haven't looked back since.

2. Have you watched any of the other Salad Fingers bits besides Spoons?

I watched Episode 5 - Picnic - and was mildly disturbed to see a Google ad for crab salad on the page. My tummybox feels broken!

None of my Freshman Comp students recognized the lines, "Who's tripping down the streets of the city/ Smiling at everybody she sees?" Should I kill them?

You should kill them just because it's not fair that they will never, ever have that song stuck in their heads the way I do now. On second thought, I should kill you. And bury you in a shallow grave of cement on which I will write, Everyone knows it's Windy!

I'll blame Salad Fingers.

More later.



What does the Voynich manuscript really say?


Now, that, I got me some Seagram's gin
Everybody got they cups, but they ain't chipped in
Now this types of shit, happens all the time
You got to get yours but fool I gotta get mine
Everything is fine when you listenin to the D-O-G
I got the cultivating music that be captivating he
who listens, to the words that I speak
As I take me a drink to the middle of the street



So we can assume that "Windy" is NOT somewhere in your top 500?

What about those other big favorites by "The Association":

"Cherish" and "Never My Love" which are far more gag-worthy than "Windy" (which I confess I actually like)

Disney World?

No, no. The Happiest Place On Earth is DisneyLAND.

Disney World is the EPCOTest Place On Earth.

Three words: Star. Wars. Ride.