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the diary, day 12
Blizzard Edition

By the numbers:

  • Number of days spent inside house: 3
  • Number of waking hours where there wasn't an offspring's friend in the house: 0
  • Number of mugs of hot chocolate made: 26
  • Number of times I yelled "Shut the front door, you're letting all the heat out": 12
  • Number of times I mopped up puddles of melted snow from the front hallway and kitchen: at leat 15
  • Number of times I put clothes that did not belong to my children in the dryer: 5
  • Number of gloves lent out that I won't get back: 3
  • Number of times I had to listen to a guitar/screeching vocal duet of "This Photograph is Proof": 20? 235? I stopped counting at some point.
  • Number of times I had to listen to Salad Fingers: Enough to be able to recite it by heart
  • Number of meals fed to children not my own: dozens
  • Number of cigarettes craved: 6,000
  • Number of cigarettes smoked: NONE

I am so proud of me.

And I've developed a crush on Salad Fingers.


Salad Fingers = Man in desperate need of counseling.

Yay Michele! Go you!

Honestly, if you can make it through a day like that, you can do frickin' anything.

Salad Fingers was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. And I've seen lots of weird things.

::::standing ovation:::

WOOHOO! You go, girl!

One of the under-reported truths about quitting smoking:

It's much easier to quit smoking if you just don't have any cigarettes around you. Sounds simple, but that's the way it is.

If you are a recovering heroin addict, you stay away from your old shooting up buddies.

If you are a recovering tobacco addict, you stay away from bars, bowling alleys and 7-11s.

It's that easy. Stay away from places that tempt you. Later, when the temptation CAN'T overcome you anymore, then you can go back to those places.

It takes only a year or two.

Bars and bowling alleys, fine. But you will never take away my daily visits to 7-11.

My kids are completely in love with Salad Fingers. But you probably knew that.

I'm completely proud of you. But you probably knew that, too.

wOOOt Claim it, claim it, claim it, M.

You can take the money saved and apply it toward the cost of a good hearing aid.

I said, YOU CAN TAKE, ah, nevermind. Gosh, it is good in here.

From someone who knows: these are times you will never forget and someday regret having grown out of.

But it doesn't seem that way at the time, does it?

You SHOULD be proud of you.

If you can make it through a weekend like you've had.. housebound and surrounded by other people's kids - you can definitely beat the habit.

:-) You're doing awesome.

Way to go Michele! Do you ever wonder if your life should be one of those musical montages - Rocky style? Like, Michele taking care of the kids and their friends, tolerating the annoyances of daily life, passing her old smoking spots - and lo! NOT SMOKING! All set to like - Eye of the Tiger or some middle-late eighties feel-good rock. DunditditDUH - - BUM BUM BUM dikadikadikadika Dunditdit DUH - - BUM BUM BUM!

:) I'm very happy for you.

You will have a few more days walking in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

But you've beaten this.

somebody already said it, but, "you go girl!" !!!!!!!! That's certainly something to revel in. Ended with a preposition, but oh well.

Salad Fingers is probably the scariest/ weirdest thing I have ever watched. Im seriously freaked out, that voice will never leave my head. hah ok its not that bad.

Go Michele!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!! I'm rooting for you!

You rock, baby. Tell me your secret!

I am proud of you too.