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Icicle Works

Bored. Cabin fever setting in.


Deadly weapons, courtesty of Mother Nature.

I think I'll take the kids outside and challenge them to ice-saber fights.


Interesting. I had to build a fire last night because watching the Steelers lose in the freezing cold made me shiver ever so slightly.

60° for us Floridians is rough.

ice-saber fights

[fretful gramma voice]You'll put an eye out![/fretful gramma voice]

I icicles are the bomb. we used to eat those bitches like popsicles when I was a kid. I guess that was before someone could get sued for leaving their icicles hanging where innocent young children could reach them and possibly stab..their stab their mouths out.

Great pictures. I've always loved icicles. They're cool and you have to love anything that can stab straight through your skull just hanging around all over the place.

We had an amazing ice storm here in Washington last January--a few inches of ice coating everything. It pretty much shut the entire area down and it was very cool. The icicles were huge. I remember when it finally warmed up and the ice started warming, the icicles started dropping off our overhang like damn missiles. I would be sitting inside on the couch watching TV and would see these things just plummet outside the window. Not something you would want to be standing beneath.

hey. i can't believe this, but you actually kinda made me miss seeing icicles.

then again, it's sunny and warm, and i'm about to go to lunch in a short sleeved shirt and pants, so it's not all bad here.

I remember living in Milwaukee for a short time. During the first weeks of spring or if a thaw hit town, the damn ice hanging from the buildings in downtown would fall ont he sidewalk and smash the shit outta passersby. It was nuts. The local news teams would be like "And for those of you walking downtown during midday, be careful of blablablabla."

OT, Michele

But somewhere along the line, your blog is scrolling off the rightside of my screen? Is it just IE or did the "Cathy" .jpg cause it?

KEWL pics! :-)

God forgive me, but the first thing that these pictures made me think of is:

"Ice, Ice, Baby!"

Kill me now.

Whatever you do, don't lick the yellow icicles! ;)

Ok, pointless homwowner tip that you really don't want to hear #352.

Wow, that's a lotta icicles. Particularly when compared to the neighbors houses in the background of a couple of them. And being that the temps have been sub-freezing the entire time, that means the heat to make the snow into the raw icicle material was coming from somewhere else - like, your house. And from the looks of that display, I'm surprised your block doesn't look like Miami beach right now, with all the BTU's being allowed to escape through your roof. Another sign: After it does start ot warm a bit, and the roofs in the neigborhood start to shed the snow, who sees shingles first? If it's your house, not good.

On the bright side, you can look forward to sending Justin and your brother in law up into the attic with lots and lots of fiberglass. And have loads and loads of fun telling them not to scratch or rub themselves ehen they're fast approaching the point of itch induced insanity. This effect will be exponentially magnified for each 15 degress the attic space temperature is above 75 degrees. July/August is probably the prime time to have them do it, for maximum comic (well, comic in a Nicholson/Shining sort of way) effect.

On the bright side, the up front cost for materials (labor mileage can vary - couple of Guiness if your lucky, meaning they've never had to fuck with fiberglass before) will be recouped, upwards of 30% or so, on the oil bill the first year, and the house will feel a bit more toasty.

Isn't thermodynamics a freekin blast?

We are, we are, we are but your children...Freebird!

(yeah, yeah, I know... "dorkass")


Back in the cage Bradly, you're in geek overdive... again.

Yeah, trust the bald guy to know about thermodynamics and heat loss on top. What he's missing is that the heat also builds up due to a lack of proper attic ventilation. The insulation is supposed to hold the heat in the square box that is the house and the roof (supposedly) exists to keep the rest dry. I suppose it also keeps monkeys from stealing the insulation but that's a separate problem entirely.

I suspect he doesn't worry about that much. His airhead is well ventilated albeit poorly insulated.

I suppose it also keeps monkeys from stealing the insulation but that's a separate problem entirely.

My monkey lives under the stairs. And he steals my underwear.

Brad, I love you even if no one else does.

Thanks M. As much as it pains me to admit it, and you think I would have gotten used to it by now, PB is correct.

He still had no business lecturing me, badly, about standards amd morals.

Yeah? I'm gonna bag you yet again. I just read your interview on Jenlar's site. She commended you for blogging through the stupid hurricane! I know where you really were! Brave, my ass.

Boys? Go to your corners and stay there until you can learn how to talk to each other nicely.