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Blizzard Blogging - Part 14

Some day, Natalie will tell the story about how we were too poor to afford to go to amusement parks so we had to make our own fun in our front yard. Or maybe DJ will tell the story of how his mother was too lazy and afraid of getting cold and wet that she wouldn't take them up to the local schoolyard to go wheeeeeee down the snowy hill and he had to make a puny, shoddy hill on the front lawn with his own two hands.

Or maybe the truth - that their stepfather and their aunt made that "slide" for themselves and took turns going down it while they bribed the kids to keep shoring up the sides with snow by promising them a turn on the slide for the cheap, cheap price of 25 cents each.

This was fun.


The fun just never stops over there, does it?

Are schools closed tomorrow?


Hey, be sure to add the Fruit Loop features so it can keep the other snowlump up all night with stories about what it's like to only be used for cheap thrills.

Y'all are just a bunch of crazy daredevils up there, aren't ya?

Oh dear, no blizzard entries for over 12 hours. I guess Michele and her family disregarded all the official warnings, went outside, became disoriented, and well, will never be heard from again. That, or the zombies came and they ran out of vinyl.

Just for the record, down here outside Trenton, NJ we got 15 inches (drifts from 24 inches down to 10-11). It all fell in about 24 hours - from 10am Saturday to 10am Sunday.

My wife and I spent about 1.5 hours shovelling out the driveway. Then the neighbors with the snowblowers showed up and saved us from doing the sidewalks (on a corner property - about 200 feet total). So, we headed across the street to help other neighbors shovel for another half hour.

I can move and stand up straight again today, but I'm still quite sore.