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have you seen this girl?

Actually, what I want to know is, can someone identify this American Girl doll for me? I believe it's Samantha but I'm not really sure because - as offensive as this may be to dolls - they all look kind of the same to me.

I'm going to be selling off the doll and some accessories as soon as I can figure out who she is and what she's worth. From the looks of things, she's a ho. I mean, close your legs, girl.


Yeah, Im thinking that is Samantha.

Wow, if that were any hotter, I'd quit abusing my Spongebob doll.

I think I saw that photo on alt.binaries.americangirl.doll.hos ...

Anna has both Samantha and Felicity and the doll doesn't look like either of them. Did your doll originally come with glasses? If so, she's Molly, the circa 1940's version.

Check www.AmericanGirl.com - it will show all the dolls in their outfits so you can figure out which one it was and also show the current price for new ones.

Both my girls have American Girl dolls that we picked out the eye and hair color. They aren't from the series, so it may not be any of the named dolls.

Readermom, you're right. Nat just remembered that she picked out the features for her own doll. I wonder if that makes it worth less?

Its worth whatever you can get a sucker to pay for it. Remember what PT Barnum said. With a little imagination and your writing skills I'm sure you could puff it into something quite profitable.

I just hope there's live-blogging and perhaps a video clip when the thing appears at the foot of your bed one night with a butcher knife, whispering "I think I'll put YOU on Ebay ... in pieces!"

[insert highly reverberated nursery rhyme sung by psychotic children]


Molly has blue eyes and Samantha has brown eyes... other than that they are the same. It really depends on what the accessories are.

Because of the Brown eyes you could call her Samantha.

Alternately, she is an "American Girl of Today" which means that she can look like anything... based on her clothes that is what she is.

Where Bride of Chucky meets Basic Instinct... only on A.S.V.!

Nick - you are so right about that episode! Poor Telly Savalas - terrorized by that smarmy doll.

The Twilight Zone episode that freaked me out to no end was the one where the little girl somehow fell out of bed and into another dimension; her parents could hear her pleading with them to get her out, to help her...that show was enough to keep me firmly ensconced in my bed all night long and convinced me never to touch the walls by my bed for fear I'd get pulled through and lost forever. Nightmare time.

I think that's not one of the book-character dolls, but one of the regular "modern" dolls, which came in varying and customizable configs, so that you could get a doll that looked like your kid.

She resembles Samantha, though; maybe the light in the photo is making her hair look the wrong color. What accessoris does she have?

She couldn't help thinking that there was a little more to life, somewhere else . . .

We got my daughter Nellie, who (according to her book) is a poor Irish immigrant. There's something self-parodic about spending that kind of money on a doll who's supposed to be poor, but at least she'll learn something about her roots.

Well, if you're gonna sell her on e-bay, you probably would do well to have some kind of a hook.

Like, the doll is posessed by the spirit of some dead chick, and it scares your whole family - your son won't go into the room where it is, your dog loses control of his bowels when he sees it, that sort of thing.

Or promote it as an Exorcist doll (will the head go around 360 degrees?) You could offer a can of pea soup and a crucifix as accessories. (Okay, I'm goin' to hell for that last suggestion...)

Or else pimp it (heh) as an early-model of the Britney Spears doll.

somethin' like that.

Thanks, Nick. Your childhood horror helped me finally realize where that bit on the Simpsons' Halloween episode came from. The one where the evil Krusty doll tries repeatedly to kill Homer.