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There's Johnny......


NBC just announced that Johnny Carson has died.

More here

"Mr. Carson passed away peacefully early Sunday morning," his nephew, Jeff Sotzing, told The Associated Press. "He was surrounded by his family, whose loss will be immeasurable. There will be no memorial service."

Bio here

MSNBC story:

The day television died was May 22, 1992, when Johnny Carson hustled out of a Burbank studio, leaving tear-soaked cheeks, 30 years of memories and a void that could never be filled.


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Good night, Johnny.

Oh Christ. It's going to be a mawkish, all-obit Sunday for the 'sphere, isn't it?

Logging off now.

Yeah, this Carsonblogging will get old fast.

Instead, let's ask what all this portends for MSOW (mainstream obit writers)...or whether all bloggers were upfront with the requisite disclosures (e.g. "I lost my virginity with Johnny on the tube"), etc.

ok...for thoses of you who don't read fark...

How Dead IS he?


Wow. Carson was not someone I easily connected to. Kinda corny, even though I grew up watching him, he was an entertainer that my dad appreciated more than I would.

Still, with all his flaws, I liked the guy. Passing of an era and all I suppose. We mark time by guys like Carson.

rest in peace Johnny.

Two things that will stick out in my mind about Johnny Carson: His sheer mercilessness with Joan Rivers, and his ability to be completely self-deprecating during his monologues.

With Joan Rivers, I guess he can be forgiven because when it came to his job, he was just that competitive.

And any standup comic who ever had a joke - or series of jokes - absolutely bomb on them could take a lot of comfort in how Johnny Carson handled it. That blank, expressionless stare into the audience for a second, or two, or three after a joke bit the dust was an absolute work of art. And it made him likeable and human.

Oh Christ, what a load of bullshit, Allah. A lot of people watched Johnny Carson, grew up with Johnny Carson, LIKED Johnny Carson. Hey, people die. Wish 'em well. Get over yourself.

Johnny was easily the King of Late Night ... the current crop are mere Poseur Princes.

Class act all the way. I grew up with him and the Tonight Show ended when he left it.

Allah... for better or worse, Johnny Carson's show is an American cultural touchstone in the days before cable and a few hundred other channels to watch. Everyone the next morning could chuckle over what they had seen the night before.

Please don't gripe if we tip our hat to the man and the definite passing of an era. Just skip the funeral and go right to the buffet at the reception.

Just this past week, there was some story about how he was still writing current-events jokes. And sending them to Letterman. (Sorry, Jay!) So he stayed in it to the end.

Just did a quick search on Snopes.com on Johnny Carson... 18 different urban legends directly attributed to his show and him or indirectly...

That was the power of the Tonight Snow in it's era.

I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone of our generation for whom Johnny Carson wasn't a part of their daily (or nightly) lives.

Carson's humor was central to developing my love of sharp wit and appreciation for satire, later fed by National Lampoon magazines and Saturday Night Live.

A lot of his stuff was corny, in retrospect, but c'mon - have you ever seen any of the "Best of" collections? The man was damn funny and his show had some priceless moments.

Glenn hasn't posted about this yet, but I'm kind of hoping he'll call for a moment of silence throughout the blog community in Johnny's memory.

In our grief, we are united.

Uncalled for snark.
Why be so bitter, man?

Why does it bother you, spd? If you're related to Johnny, please accept my sincere condolences. If not, who gives a rat's hole?


Correct me if I'm wrong...but I haven't seen any abject grief or mawkishness over Carson's death.

If you're missing such emotion, just run some video of the "Counter Inaugural demonstrations".

People: don't believe the reported cause of death.

It should be pretty clear that Carson killed himself having read this Wikipedia entry that brazenly predicted January 23, 2005 as the date of his death.

Griv, it's called updating an entry as news breaks.

Oh, were you going for comedy? Failed.

No relation, Allah.
Just a fan.
Put a cork in it.

I grew up watching Johnny Carson every night with my dad. We had to be two of his biggest fans. It was a "father-son thing with us. When I first learned about Johnny's passing away, the first person I thought about calling was my dad. It felt like, (and still does), we lost a close member of our family.

Johnny Carson is the king of late night and will always be remebered by this nation. Not to many people leave that type of legacy,
justin shad