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Blizzard Blogging - Part 12

The snow has actually stopped, which is a bit disappointing, as we never even got a chance to contemplate eating human flesh to stay alive. For all the dire warnings, this has turned out to be a typical snow storm. Why, I remember when I was young and the snow was up to my eyes, I tell you, and I would still have to put on my golashes and my wool hat with furry pom poms and walk half a mile to the store to get my father his unfiltered Lucky Strikes, and then another half mile to the other store to get milk, bread and eggs, which I'd have to pull all the way home, uphill, on my sled that was made out of cardboard boxes and oak tree branches. One time the snow was so deep and coming down so hard that I got lost and ended up in Trenton, New Jersey, where I sold the milk and eggs for some magic beans that did nothing except give me really bad gas, which made it hard to walk sixty miles back home. And when I got home, I got beat for not having the eggs. But I made a stew out of the rest of the beans and spent the rest of the night laughing at my parent's blaming each other for the stenchy farts.


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You had galoshes?? What a lucky girl!


Trenton? Oh, did NOT need to go there, not at all.

Now I can't take my nap, for fear of nightmares. ::shakes fist::

Yes, and we were thankful. And glad to have it...lol.