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Blizzard Blogging - Part 11

You were just waiting for the movie version of Blizzard Blog, weren't you?

[Quicktime needed]

zapruder.jpg click image to see movie

As home movies go, I'm sure that my film of the Great Blizzard of '05 will make history. There are things hidden behind those flakes that you don't really want to know about. That I captured them on film was just pure luck. Or fate. Only time will tell which one it is.

My neighbors should not leave their curtains open. Just saying.

Ok, so it's actually just grainy footage of a typica nor'easter that I thought some of you would like to see. But given some of the email I got last night in regards to my blizzard blogging, someone is bound to believe that I've caught a murder - or worse - on film. Don't be that guy.

Anyhow. I've been putting the blizzard photos over in the gallery that no one knows exists.

Fellow Long Islander Rob has a timeline photo gallery of the storm.

In a terrible turn of events, someone has spilled beer on the Fark server. I get cranky without my TF. And I'll take it out on you.


Heh, I took a bunch of pictures too (more of a timeline gallery - not as interesting as yours)

You mean there are people still alive there? From the news coverage last night (Fox for sure) I thought there would be millions and millions of dead people there. Good to know NY and others will still survive their white wintery death.

This coming from Minnesota, which routinely gets killed with snow and cold. And other than a chuckle at the end of the network news, no one cares

Ahh, I grew up in Massachusetts and lived through many blizzards. Fun, fun!

The Blizzard of '78 left me stranded in the parking lot of a mall, huddled against the outside of a movie theater, hoping that the buses were still running in the blinding snow that NO ONE BOTHERED TO TELL ME WAS COMING!? When I finally dragged my frozen 14 year old ass home (a passing, off-duty bus driver saw me and made a special trip to make sure I made it), I found that my mom and her boyfriend had already started their "storm preparations" ... ugh, ok, still scarred by that.

In any event, we were stranded together in the house for almost a week with snow drifts up to the top of the first floor windows. After the first few days, they ran out of coffee, the arguments started and, when they finally let people drive, he was history. Too bad, too, because if Mom had offed him in her caffeine-withdrawl rage, we could have lived for a couple of weeks on the carcass.

Yeah, your pictures and video reminded me that I don't miss blizzards a bit. Now I get to dodge hurricanes, floods and tornadoes but at least I won't get buried alive in my own house and begin to contemplate cannibalism.

nor'easter? I thought it was an alberta clipper?

Well it could be, but Nor'easter has a poetic bluster to it, while alberta clipper sounds like a hockey player who is spending the lock-out cutting hair.


Best $5.00 per month. I love totalfark.



Snow movies are cooooool.

That was so pretty and silent.

I am soooooooo jealous.

That may be "typical" to you, but my kids would kill for a snowstorm like that here in Alabama. Enjoy!

The feel-good movie of the year! I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me!

Love the movie. I'm so jealous right now. The closest we've gotten to snow here in Washington was some freezing rain. And snow is much cooler than freezing rain, especially when you still have to go into work.