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Blizzard Blogging - Part 11

There's got to be a morning after, as the line from the disaster movie song goes.

Except this isn't the morning after - The Poseidon Adventure on Ice continues today. The headlines on the local news sites might as well read "Holy Hell! It's snowing!" You would think this was some tropical island instead of New York in January. Mother nature has shoved her enormous inches up our ass many, many times before. Can't we all just be a little more blasť? Of course, if we were all blasť then I wouldn't have anyone/anything to make fun of, would I?

And let me be honest here (because blogging is all about the honesty, you know), I am loving this. The more snow, the better. I would like nothing more than to go into bomb shelter mode, snowbound, house bound, cut off from civilization with death breathing down our necks. Except no one in my family would die, because I am prepared. Dozens of blankets ready to unfurl, enough non-perishable food to feed an army and a stocked liquor cabinet for when we all start to hate each other enough to hallucinate that we're all hamburgers or hot dogs. Vodka has a nice way of tempering the desire to grill up some marinated husband over rice.

As it is, the wind is certainly howling and the snow is certainly blizzarding and the roads are unplowed, but if we had to get out to get somewhere, we could. Even though they're still telling us that we risk life and limb to do so, if an emergency came up, like my PS2 controller breaks, Best Buy is just a short snowshoe walk away.

And now that it's Sunday, my kids will spend the entire day saying will you take us to Mt. Splashmore? will we be home from school tomorrow? and eventually I'll get tired enough of them asking that I'll promise them yet another game of Apples to Apples if they will just. shut. up. Of course, I'll be rubbing my hands in glee at the thought of work being closed Monday. A whole day in the snow to frolic! Which means I'll send the kids out with their sleds and they'll join the whole neighborhood at the local elementary school, the one with the hill that seemed so damn steep when I was 12 but looks kind of puny now, and I'll stay right here in the warm house with my husband and we can do a different kind of frolicking. Until the kids come home wet, frozen and trailing two dozen friends behind them who all want cookies and hot chocolate and who leave snowy footprints all over my wood floor and the walls of the house will shake with the cacophony of 12 and 15 year olds playing video games and watching movies and throwing each other into walls. Happiness. Snowy, noisy, feel-like-a-kid happiness.

Anyhow, I'm on full Storm-o-Death 2005 alert here again, up bright and early to make sure you kids in the non-frozen states get the full effect of the storm - lies, tall tales and all. As soon as it gets light enough out there, I'll take some pictures. Inconvenient as the snow may be, it's still a beautiful sight to behold so early in the morning, when untouched by boots, snow plows and that kid who just has to pee his name across the snow.


And apropos of nothing, here's my favorite new (to me) blog. It's actually fairly new, so you can catch up on the archives.


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It's always fun watching the local news fall all over itself to hype a storm, whether or not it's major. The news always goes crazy here in Washington (state) when it snows, but I generally figured that was because it's so rare. Apparently, that's just how it is everywhere.

I liked when I lived in Arizona for a year. I lived up in the mountains, where we actually had some decent snowfall in the winter. But the fun part was that we got local channels from the Phoenix area, so it was always amusing to see them freak out over rain. It seemed particularly silly to me, having moved from the Northwest, where rain is in plentiful supply. But oh man, if there was any sort of decent rain storm, there was all kinds of coverage and hyperbole and dire warnings about driving in all that awful water.

Of course, then winter would hit and the tourists would come up from the valley for some skiing and we would watch them fly down the highway that went through town. They didn't slow in the least even when the road was packed with snow and ice, so certain that their SUVs made them invincible.

The moral of the story is that Arizona, in general, is insane. But man did I love that state.

By the way, thanks for linking to me, as well as stopping by and commenting. It's much appreciated. Glad you like the blog.

I'm jealous. They hyped the hell of out the "Storm of Doom" here in Central Virginia and all we got here in Central Virginia was about an inch of ice. Whoopie.

Following the Blizzard Blogging obsessively over here in the Middle East. Keep it coming. It's making me homesick.

My kids are looking at the snow pictures and are so damn jealous. Damn the sunny crisp weather, they want to know what a snow day is like.

I'm so glad your experiencing some weather. It gives you more time to blog, and more time to be funny. Where I live { Canada] their probably would be no mention on the news that we were getting a few inches of snow. However the windchill warnings are so hyped that you would think your nose would freeze and fall off in 10 seconds.
Enjoy your blog so much ...have a good snow day eh?

16" on my front porch, eastern Suffolk county (but not quite out where Long Island forks)

Shoveling round 1 is done, the driveway is pretty much clear except for the 3' high, 3' deep wall of hard pack at the road. I'll leave that pretty much intact to shield my driveway from the plows when they clear the other 2-4" we're expecting this afternoon.

I could walk to the deli, but I doubt it's open. They also don't have anything I don't already have in stock.

I have to say, after 7 years in Wisconsin, I love living in a place where yesterday they set a record low, in January, of 3 degrees. Above zero, mind you.

But I would recommend hanging tight at home. The roads are deadly. Damned near every vehicle on them is driven by a New Yorker, and a LI native on a plowed road can be deadly. Here's hoping your PS2 controller survives.

I hope this Storm O'Death, 2005 blogging you're doing is half as much fun for you to write as it is for me to read.
I've been laughing so hard that both my wife and the dog have been coming in to check on me. I've read excerpts to the wife, she laughed just as hard.
The dog just doesn't get it.

Oh yeah, but if you're snowed in,

and out of vodka,

AND the liquor store is not only unreachable, it's closed,

now that is some shit.