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Blizzard Blogging - Part 10


When they tell you "do not go outdoors" around here, they really mean it.

Poor Seth Marks didn't heed the warnings of the local news caster. We were supposed to stay indoors during this Armageddon of All Storms. But Seth, being young, foolish and having watched too many episodes of Jackass, decided that he really, really needed to go to 7-11 to get some of those delicious nachos and a day-old hot dog wrapped in pizza dough. The minute he stepped out his door, the sirens roared and the flashing lights lit up the street. They cornered Seth right before he jumped the fence to the neighbor's yard. He held tight onto the Japanese Maple, but they eventually used the Jaws of Life to unclench Seth's hands and free him from the tree. They carted Seth away, bloody, handless and wishing he listened to those dire weather warnings.

[the ambulances are really out there, a couple of doors down. but the made up story is far, far better than the real one]


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So, how do you like being a homeowner now?

We got hit, too, tho not as bad as you. It's stopped here in greater Chicagoland, but we get lake effect snow which makes it worse.

The airports are a mess.

Should have thrown DJ out w/a shovel and told him to get to work, this is a joy of being a homeowner and having teenagers! Payback for laundry, food and lodging.

AND - way to makes lots of money shoveling out the neighbors.

I've never had to shovel snow in my life. It just melts here. That is, if we get it.

This has been great, though, Miz Victory. Thankee. I'm living the Armageddon storm vicariously. And tomorrow I can just get in my car and drive it away. There might be some ice on the windshield, but you know, turn on the wipers and squirt em with wiper fluid and they clear right up.

We've got a sheet of ice over everything, but luckily not enough to down trees and power lines.

Tig refuses to go outside. Well, he goes out, but then says, "What's this shit on the ground?" and comes in all pissed off.


We didn't get the ice or snow, we just got the 50 mph winds. Our wind chill right now is about -1. It's supposed to be around 5 to 10 degrees tonight, but back in the fifties by Monday. Thanks for taking the snow for us. The midwest owes you one.

Like whats the big deal? Look, its winter, and you are getting a little snow. it kinda seems to me like you folks are over reacting! Hey Enjoy the stuff! For example, make shnulichtas! or something... quit whining about the snow and just deal with it! where i live its six months of winter followed by six months of bad skiing! You people make me laugh! Whats the matter did you think global warming really means that its only gonna get warmer? Like maybe long island is going to become tropical or something? Hey get some snow tyres for your Audi Quattros or SUVs and run them the way they were intended to be! and above all else, have FUN with it!!!!

Dog? That wooshing sound you hear is the obvious flying right over your head.