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Blizzard Blogging - Part 9
(Watch out where the huskies go)

Song of the night:

click image to download


Great googlie wooglie!

When I was 14 and growing up in Alaska, this was one of my favorite songs. "He took a dog doo snow cone, and he...."

Aiyeee! Thanks! How's the weather?

If you're asking me, it's great! I live in Southern Calfornia now, and it's been in the mid-80's this week. :-)

Well, all I can say is who ever wrote that must have amazing bladder control!

Don't anyone try to tell me it's photoshopped, the color looks so real! I mean look at the drip marks between some of the letters!

Wait, let me get my Powerline/INDC/Allah/LGF/Ace investigative hat on... Aha! The answer was in front of me the whole time.

DJ is rolled and thrown out the front door and probably doesn't have the bladder size to write this.

The other males in this house have obviously had sufficient alcoholic intake (this IS, after all, Saturday night) such that that color yellow is long gone from their prostate gland.

You're busted lady!


I hadn't listened to to the song in about 30 years. I meant to say "Great Googly Moogly" but it came out "Woogly." I stand corrected.

"Trudgin' across the tundra, mile after mile..."

(Latest photos at the bottom.)

Watch out where those Huskies go...

I'll see you at St Alphonso's Pankcake Breakfast in the morning...

Looking at all of your snow pictures makes me want to move to Minnesota and raise me a crop of dental floss. (raisin' it up; waxin' it down.)

...could be lemon?

Did ya ever wake up in the morning with a Zomby Woof behind your eyes?