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Blizzard Blogging - Part 8

Ok, I'm bored. How bored? I'm trying to find as many songs as I can with the words "snow" or "winter" in them. Want to help?

A state of emergency has been declared over here. Not sure what that means, except I should probably open that emergency bottle of Captain Morgan's I had stowed away.

Black Sabbath - Snowblind


"Discontent of Winter," by the Reivers.

Frank Zappa: "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow"

"Song for a Winter's Night" by Sara McLachlan (or Gordon Lightfoot if you prefer the original)

Winter Wonderland,
Let It Snow,
The Four Seasons-Winter (Vivaldi)
Snowbird (Anne Murray),
Snowfall (The Manhattan Transfer)

"Change of Seasons" by Dream Theater

We started drinking Coronas some time ago. I'm on my fourth. For me, "Blizzard for the End of Times" means "Drink til the End of Night." Seems DJ thinks so, too. Good thing Justin took his Apples cards ... little shit was probably trying to cheat, anyway.

Oh, and we got a foot before it quit, and more's coming tonight ... so you can expect a bit more than six inches (insert Justin joke here).

Wish you were here.

You're welcome,


Winter Weather (Peggy Lee/Benny Goodman)
Winter Moon (Stan Getz)

By-Tor and the Snow Dog -- Rush

Bytor and the Snowdog - RUSH (Fly by Night)

Snowblind - Styx (Paradise Theatre)

Toren -

HA! I included the album name! ;)

Crack the Sky - Ice

Specifically the version from Live Sky.

Home Again by Carole King. It includes the lyric that is in my Dumb Lyrics Hall of Fame: "Snow is cold, rain is wet."

I kid you not.


(come on, what song list is complete without Freebird?)

You're pulling up some great songs from my Jr. High years! Although, snowblind probably has nothing to do with winter precipitation. Loved it anyway.

"Winter" by the Stones from Goats Head Soup; a lovely ballad, the benificiary of a great Paul Buckmaster string arrangement (and one which never fails to remind me of a certain long-ago...acquaintance)

"The Snows" a traditional song by the Pentangle, from the 1972 album Solomon's Seal, sung by Bert Jansch. Eliza Carthy did a version, too, on her Red Rice album.

And while I'm getting all obscure on yo' ass, there's "Faint Sense of Snow", a Bill Nelson-written instrumental performed by Nelson's band Channel Light Vessel, which also featured Kate (Dream Academy) St. John.

"Hazy Shade of Winter" by Simon & Garfunkel... of course, there's more than a "patch of snow on the ground" there, or here in Iowa for that matter.

Your snowblogging is providing me with some much-needed entertainment. : )

First Snow-TransSiberian Orchestra

I spend way too much time on this blog!!

"Winter" Tori Amos
"Purple Snowflakes" Marvin Gaye
"Under Ice" Kate Bush
"Cold" Annie Lennox

"Good King Wenceslas"
"Cold Rain And Snow" (old hillcountry lament recorded by the Grateful Dead)

And there is alway the one I sing while driving in the stuff:

Snowing thru the dash
Of a 57 Nash
We were short of cash
So that was what
I Drohohove.

Can't believe nobody's mentioned "Informer" by Snow (okay, I'll go sit in the corner now...)

Snowblind by Styx.

Yes, I know, I suck.

Mandolin Wind - Rod Stewart

"Oh, the snow fell without a break
Buffalo died in the frozen fields ya know
Through coldest winter in almost 14 years.."