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Blizzard Blogging - Part 7

Cabin fever has taken its toll. DJ, gone crazy in the head from being barred from the outdoors due to the six - SIX! - inches of snow laid upon us in the Storm o' Death 2005, hit the liquor cabinet when no one was looking. He drained the Jack, guzzled the tequila and practically snorted the rum before anyone noticed he wasn't in the living room. Even though he was plastered, we decided to let him join our game of Apples to Apples. Well. I had no idea my son was such an angry drunk. We put up with him throwing his cards around, bitchslapping his sister and calling his uncle "unclefucker," but we drew the line when he stood on the table and sang "My Way" Sid Vicious style.

So my husband and my brother-in-law rolled him. Took all the candy gum and out of his pockets, grabbed his Apples to Apples card and threw him out the door into the snow.

We'll let him back in as soon as he sobers up.


Wait a Minute!! Is that boy wearing PINK gloves?

heh, good posts here, michele. Armageddon weather is what we up in Canada call January. Enjoy the storm.

Yes, my son has a thing for pink.

Don't ask.


APPLES TO APPLES is an awesome game!

Crap...that reminds me of a particularly egeregious episode in my own formative years having to do with a bell jar of various liqours puloined from my parents, snow, sleds, and a golf course.

There were snow angels from hell that night. And in the morn as well.

I cna't type...don't bother asking why.

Holy crap, Michele! That was possibly the funniest thing I've read anywhere, ever. hoo! My ribs ...

I hope he sobers up soon. I'd hate to see the kind of snow angels he'd make all liquored up.

Greeeat ... now I can't stop singing UncleFucker!

Tough love.

Good parents.

He'll thaw.

Your cruelty is beautiful, Michele. ;-)

He'll learn his lesson, that is unless he ends up like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining.

Sharon! Dude! How the hell are you?

Michele, what did I tell you about not locking up the liquor when DJ was home?

Meryl! Dude! :)

Still plugging away. Back in school (again) and hoping to make myself more marketable. You still in Richmond? I have a vested interest just south of you. Girl, we need to catch up!

(sorry, Michele, it's been ages! Who says storms don't bring people together?!)

Apples to Apples rocks.

But you really wanna get things rollin'? Get Sequence! Resentments galore.

That kid of yours cracks me up big time.