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Blizzard Blogging - Part 6

The lump of snow that Nat and her friend are shaping so carefully has absolutely nothing to do with the sign hanging on the telphone pole that says MISSING: ONE JACK RUSSELL TERRIER - ANSWERS TO THE NAME "ANNOYING LITTLE FUCKER"

Serenity now.

I've gotten a few concerned emails. I thought it would be obvious that everything here today - aside from the pictures - is completely made up.

Gullible bunch, aren't you?


haha people thought you've been being serious!

You mean there is still a Yanni show?

there is no God

...I dunno. That's a good name for several dogs ( and people) I know.

You mean there is a Yanni? I was hoping it was just a nightmare.

That's a good name (and story) for ALL the Jack Russel Terriers I've known.

Thanks to one of those little bastards, I am now vaccinated against Distemper, Parvovirus, and canine Coronavirus.