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Blizzard Blogging - Part 5

The lady on the local news channel (think Mary Tyler Moore's WJM) just said this storm is "Armageddon for Long Island."

Not Armageddon.

Armageddon. And that's the one we're prepared for.

Speaking of end times, they just made this annoucement:


It's fucking pandemonium around here, I tell you. It's like a thousand Yanni fans screamed, all at once.


I thought I felt a strange disturbance in the force. A small, squeaky, annoying one, but a disturbance nonetheless.

Thanks for your humerous telling of the children across the street. I can almost feel the shovel in my hands, the wet gloves and the cold nose. (I too had the "joy" of doing a fair amount of the shoveling for my parents when a kid in the upper midwest.) (I say this not to make light of the troubling behavior of the father - not getting their asthma meds when shoveling could cause them to need them is definately a problem - but just to share my reaction.)

On another note, congrats on continuing to be smoke free!

...there are Yanni fans?

And congradulations: it's a great achievement to be smoke-free for so long.

Yanni fans don't scream. They do this little yoga thing with their fingers that makes them all centered and happy again. And then they gorge themselves on Ben and Jerry's until their little red Kabbalah bracelets start to cut off the circulation to their fingers. Which I guess means they can't do the little yoga gestures ... and they scream.

So either way, I do feel sorry for them tonight.

You forgot the "...and then were silenced", or whatever he says.