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Blizzard Blogging - Part 4

The kid across the street is still shoveling. The father is still resting comfortably inside. Now he's eating a bologna sandwich (the zoom on this camera is really good) and drinking a Bud.

As whiteout conditions ensue, the kid will become lost in the blinding, swirling snow. He'll lose all sense of direction as he alternately screams and weeps, afraid that he'll freeze to death before he gets to prove to his father just how much he loves him by shoveling the snow non-stop through the entire storm. His future self-esteem rests on getting this done, as his father is a hard man to please and he was sure to get an "attaboy" for doing something right for a change. He finally gives up when two of his fingers turn blue and the feeling in his toes disappear. Kid tries to go back inside, but the father slides the deadbolt and tells his boy to keep on keeping on, because shit like this builds character. The kid cries and the father can be heard yelling from the living room window, Man up, Nancy! Eventually, the mother will remember the kid is still out there and she'll send out a search posse when they can't find him. I'll just sit right here and watch from my window, laughing real hard because I know that for the last hour, the kid has been playing Halo with that boy with the lazy eye that lives three doors down.


Man, I just got back inside - I have a foot of snow everywhere, and it is awful outside (no visibility, blowing snow.) I got about half of the shoveling done, and then my back started aching. Funniest, my neighbor let his foo-foo dog out ... it tried moving about about 2 feet, then turned around and barked to go back in - LOL. All you could see was the dog's head.

3+ feet of snow now. I'm almost at the point where I might be bothered by the snow.

I'm new here, but I'm guessing your neighbors don't know about your blog.