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Blizzard Blogging - Part 3

We're up to about one death-defying inch of snow, though it's starting come down heavier right now.

My neighbor across the street has sent his children out in this life-threatening storm to clean his car off. You can't see him, but the father is sitting just inside the living room window, smoking a cigar and sipping cognac. He's wearing a bathrobe. The kids have been told not to come inside until every last bit of snow is shoveled off the walk and cleared off the car. Then, and only then, will he take them to the drug store for their asthma medicine.

[By the way, for the curious - I'm still not smoking, I just stopped doing daily updates]


In Philly we're up to about 3-4 inches in 3+ hours of snowfall (by 2pm EST). Blog-reading in my PJs watching the snow fall.

Oh, yeah. And not a single snowplow has come down the street yet and ours is a fairly busy E-W route.

we have like 4 inches, but we're only expected to get 2 more inches.

That daddy is my hero. Just reading that put a tear in my eye.

It's not snowing here, but I'm gonna stay in my PJ's, and go look for a cigar. I think I have a Cohiba left.

Can't wait until my kids are old enough to do that... Oh wait, I live in the South; not going to happen (although my wife HAD to have a four-wheel drive Expedition with Mud & Snow tires, just in case this might happen once in the next 2 years)

While I go look for just a cigar, keep youself occupied with this!

I know you'll want to thank me. With a meat cleaver!

Good for you. It will get easier, and then you'll walk past someone smoking and you'll get a pang of craving, which will pass in ten or fifteen minutes; these will become rarer and rarer. Eventually you'll smell "smoker" and wrinkle your nose.

I thought you guys could still find your golf ball in an inch of snow.

Down here they tell you to hoard food, and old people will die.