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Blizzard Blogging - Part 2 (Haiku!)

I'm going to take a picture every half hour or so.

Right now there's a dusting on the ground. This means there's still time to go buy your milk and eggs. If you're looking for a shovel you're probably shit out of luck, but then you deserve to be stuck in your house with no way to dig out if you live in the northeast and don't own a snow shovel. I hope they find you in April, frozen solid next to the space heater you forgot to buy gas for.

And now, a snow haiku

Look at my mailman
Slipping, sliding on my walk
People fall - funny!

You may play along with your own winter related haiku.


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Just got a foot + 1/2 of snow here. We will need to use the snowblower.

I have no scraper.
Should have bought one yesterday.
Oh, well. Ice will melt.

Seventy degrees
and sunny,seasons are
highly overrated.

By the way, we have ice and rain in Richmond. It may change over to rain. Here's hoping.


Sleet and rain in Richmond.
It may turn all rain later.
That would be okay.

Damn you, Michele!

Sleet, rain in Richmond
It may turn all rain later
That would be okay.

Double damn you, Michele!

Sleet, rain in Richmond
Power will be out today
Sleet always does that.

If you have Icemelt, now is the time to put it down.

three days, no updates
is michelle smoking again?
hope she bought extras

(Haiku not directed at our hostess:)

First were Friday's cats.
Then blogging about blogging.
Now snowblogging -- Stop!

Here is the plow, hey!
Pushing the snow, for money?

"Ah!... Looxury!"

To top it off: the John Deere appears to have developed a serious transmission problem, so it's out of action at this crucial moment. Fortunately, I have a neighbor up the road who makes a hobby of showing-off his big-time farm gear by plowing the shit out of everybody's driveway up & down the road. It's all I can do to get him to accept a cherry pie from Hollenbeck's (the best pies in the world, seven dollars each from October to February, just over the hill in Virgil). But this'll be something to watch, this storm.

Y'all stay warm.

White inches outside,
But more white inches inside:
I am watching porn.

Allah, I am so glad I wasn't sipping soda when I read your haiku.

You bad, bad man.

Snow entombs Northeast,
Mud slides in California:
Blue States feel God's Wrath!


Hey, who was that vile impostor using my name up there?

No snow in Georgia.
Drizzling, 39 degrees.
I stifle a yawn.

Grey Skies In Athens

I Feel A Nap Coming On

Wake Me When It Snows

The record-shattering no-snow record here in Minneapolis (no 1" or greater amount of snow in winter season record, previously lasting until Jan 9, went to Jan 21 this year) finally eneded when 9" finally came down yesterday).

About bloody baboon-ass time.

Now I may finally indulge in my favorite "X-treme" sport: Winter driving along Lake Street, avoiding RWD SUVs piloted by total morons.

Mother Nature gripes:
"Dump"? Wrong metaphor Michelle!
Poo's brown. Now what's white?

"Slipping sliding on my walk
People fall - funny!"

I'm an attorney--lets hope you get to me before he does. Ha ha!

Southern Solstice

Texas winters are
cold fronts, warm fronts, back and forth,
lots of loose shit here