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Blizzard Blogging - Part I

Why not? It's not like I have anywhere to go.

Though it hasn't started snowing yet, the local news stations are in full Storm O' Death 2005 swing. There's the usual interviews with Mr. Plow, the Home Depot salt-selling clerk and, of course, the little old lady coming out of Shop-Rite with the requisite milk, bread and eggs, even though she never uses any of those three items.

Which presents the perfect opportunity to retell one of my favorite snow storm stories (from January, 2002)
Big storm on the way. I'm mostly excited, I like the first snow of the year. But I would much rather have it during the week so I can get a day off from work.

So I went to the grocery store this morning - not in anticipation of the weather, I'm not one of those "prepare for the end of the world when a storm is coming" people - but because I had the urge to make steak tonight. I get to the store and there's a local reporter out there, questioning everyone about the snow, because you know how those news people love a good storm story. He was asking shoppers what they were buying, what were they stocking up on (come on people, it's 6 inches, not 3 feet!) and asking how they were getting ready for the weather. I see him approaching me as I walk towards the entrance. I'm not in a very good mood. Traffic was bad, I'm tired and cranky. I do not want to be on the news talking about buying toilet paper and water. So he stands in front of me, cameraman in tow, and throws the microphone in front of my face.

"So," he says, "What are you buying today m'am?"

I say nothing but this does not deter him.

"Are you stocking up on necessities for the first storm of the year?"

I look straight into the camera and grin.

"I'm buying Tampons," I say.

His jaw drops, the cameraman giggles and I brush past him and head into the store. Let's assume I will not be on the news tonight.


More blizzard blogging coming up - I'll post some photos when it starts to get good out there.


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In Cincinnati they've called a 5 inch snowfall "White Death". I kid you not. I suppose if you pay all that money for Quintuple Viper Doppler 7000, you've got to recoup the cost in news ratings.

I am in Washington D.C. and we are beggining to get hammered (not drunk but by the snow storm, maybe we'll get hammered later.) Anyway good response, it fits your very intersting bio I took the time to read through yesterday.

THAT was funny :-)

Huh. Tampons. She said tampons. Huh-huh.