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Bring it!


Yes, I am excited about a blizzard warning (I'm in the red). I'm a weather freak.

Stocked up on junk food, movies and wine. We're ready for anything.


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I too am hunkered down.

Hmm, don't think I'll be stopping by to let you drive the car this weekend...

It's 75 degrees in Dallas. Imagine that. ;)

And I'm complaining because we're supposed to hit freezing overnight Sun / Mon...

It's supposed to be a high of 74 here tomorrow. Nice for Trump's wedding, I guess.

12 - 15 inches??? Wow. We haven't even had six inches here all winter in ND. Blizzards are cool - as long as you dont go out in them.

I'm all ready as well!
(Though your post has inspired me to make a last minute run to the store for some junk food and perhaps some beer).

It's time for my first LI snow storm!

You have all the essentials - have fun riding out the storm...

Hoboken, NJ also says, "Bring it on!!!"

It's raging all around us right now in North Dakota. And I have to admit, it's really cool. (No pun intended.) The wind is howling, the snow is blowing, and we're all home safe and sound with more than a week's supply of groceries. Whoo hoo!

What no bread and milk??

Feb (Pres. Day) 1983 Snow Storm (DC suburbs)... Best one ever!!! At least for me; Parents out of town; local girls holed up with their parents looking for a party within walking distance (uh, that's the girls, not the parents...maybe).

So, Michele what did y'all do that week?

Toms River, NJ is ready too.

Got pizza, movies, a new book, a fuzzy puppy, and a wife in flannel PJs...what else could you want.

You may all be in for a suprise.

The weather guy on MSNBC said a bit ago that NY was going to be hit with the "B" word....He then went on to explain that he meant the "B" word THAT DID NOT RHYME WITH ANYTHING.......

Given the existence of just the nouns gizzard, wizard, and lizard, I fear that you may be in for a visit by the cyclopean, squamous, soul shredding, abomidable, atrocious, horrific, indescribable, vampiric, horrendous, improperly angular, chaotic,infinately pentacular, and above all unmentionable...."B" word.

Or...Anything rhyme with Belleraphon?
If not say hi to Shanks for me. :)

You haven't seen snow until you've seen a half inch in central Virginia. Oh! The pandemonium!

So, Michele what did y'all do that week?

We ended up with an ice storm here. On the night of the ice storm, we went to see Marshall Tucker, the Outlaws and the New Riders of the Purple Sage at Nassau Coliseum.

If I never see snow again, that will be fine.

Down here in the Sunshine state, we had an uncomfotable cold snap, and the past few nights I actually had to turn heat on, but I still have the boat open enjoying a pleasant evening, and late dinner. Will probably have to close up before I go to bed....

And I don't even live in the warm part of Florida.

And no, I don't miss the change of the seasons.

I have the uncut Ren & Stimpy, all volumes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the first four Friday the 13th movies.... plus a fridge full of Guinness. I laugh in the weather's general direction.

(and anyway, it can't be much worse than the blizzard I was in a few years ago in Guelph, Ontario)

Yeah. But are you ready for me, be-ach? Cause I got all kinds of G5 goodness just ready to go Mac Daddy on your ass. You know what I mean.

We're both thinking the same way. Bring it on!

I felt the same way before the Florida hurricanes. It's rather exhilarating.

I saw on your map NYC & Long Island as red, and I thought they came to their senses!

Sweet! I'm in the red too. C'mon snowbanks!

Never mind half an inch in Virginia. Try flurries barely dusting the ground in Arizona. My brother drove the Interstate at 75 and never saw another car.