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Evidence: Spongebob is not teh ghey!

With all this talk about my buddy Spongebob being gay (and thus harmful to children, as Mr. Dobson would have us believe), I thought I would do the loveable sponge - and all of us - a favor by digging into my archives to put this rumor to rest.

Spongebob likes the boobs. Especially Nikki's.

Now Squidward - that's another debate entirely.


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Hmmmm.... Why is it I keep thinking "Contraceptive Spongebob"?

So that's why he's always smiling.

Hmmmm I wonder if Nikki is available on DVD...

Spongebob with a VHS tape?? Please. We all know he's a Betamax fanatic.

I really started laughing when I noticed the tissue.

I dont know .... Sponge with all those holes, Patrick with all those appendages ... hmmm.

Holy cow whats he up to why the VHS? is he going to watch it? hows he going to get it into the VCR?

Some people have way the hell to much time on their hands.

Seven-word game for this thread, too!

Goofy cartoon character actually a mincing fag.

You know, the more I think and read about this, the more it - gives me an ANYRISM. First of all, spongebob is a fucking

he's a fucking talking sponge for pete's sake! He is not meant to be taken seriously. WTF is wrong with you when you look at a talking sponge and see an attack on your morality? Are you that paranoid? I'm sorry, but this is just plain stupid. They're celebrating diversity by singing this dumb 'We are the World' song - but they're celebrating TOO much diversity. Wasn't JC the guy who ate dinner with tax collectors and whores and lepers and shit? Some people just get such a hard-on from being tangled up in shouting about the ins and outs of their belief system that they never see the forest for the trees. To them I say - shut the fuck up, donny.

Seven-word game for this thread, too!

Sponge that dare not speak its name.

mmmmm Nikki Dial. at least Spongebob has good taste.

There's pretty convicing evidence that Spongebob actually is gay on my site.

>Sponge that dare not speak its name.

I thought that said "spooge that dare not speak its name". haha

Ok, maybe SB isn't gay, but he is why the Euros hate us so.

7 words:

Seductively porous -- receives cock from any angle.

As the poet said: "Gap teeth in ya mouth, so my dick gots to fit."

Hah. That wacky Dr. Dre.