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Song of the Day (Not Safe For Fragile Ears Version)

I just wanted to thank you all for the day long entertainment I got out of this post. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that 429 (as it stands now) is a record for comments here.

And how do I thank you? With a song of the day, of course. Which most of you will probably skip right on by.

Download - Ludacris, Get back - mp3

please remember all downloads expire in 24 hours

Update: If Ludacris isn't your thing, I offer you this as an alternative:



btw..you got mine right.
/dazed and confused best movie about nothing.
/soundtrack pretty cool as well

congrats on incorporating TCP. I just moved to FL and will start post in a few days when news breaks:-)

Hey, you weren't the only one smiling yesterday. Thanks for unleashing the insanity.

I was too sick to play yesterday, but I like the dancing Dynamite. I saw it over the weekend, and my family pretty much enjoyed it.

Jamiroquai (What Napolean danced to) rocks! Great Jazzy Dance Funk! Too bad Jay Kay (band's front man) hasnt put anything new out in what seems like forever.

Is there some reason why anyone would want to listen to crips/bloods talking shit? I didn't hear any instruments either, just synth.