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Idol Tongues.

That's right. Stacy and I bitch, moan and gossip about American Idol.

Don't lie. You watch the show. You want to talk about. And jeebus help anyone who prefaces a comment with "well, I don't usually watch that crap, but I just happen to be channel surfing and I stopped on Fox for a minute and...."

Bullshit. Man up, people. Admit to doing something that's not hip and cool for once in your lives.

And then join us here.


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One minor quibble - but a line break between the comment and the "Posted by" line would make things much more readable.

Man, I needed that blog during season 2 over at ATPTB!

I really DON'T watch AI, but something infinitely less cool (to the oh-so-hip):

Nashville Star. It's a red-state thing.

I hate reality shows and the like. Which is why my penchant for the Real World confounds me so! I wallow in self-hatred.

I stopped watching after my home town guy Rueben Studdard won it. Just couldn't get interested in it. My wife however, still loves it.

Nope. Never seen it. Not once.

I also haven't seen any CSI, Law and Order, or Seinfeld.

I tried to watch Friends once. Didn't make it through the whole show.

I'll cop to being hooked on Bravo's "Runway". Great stuff: Flighty models, catty judging, train-wrecks and talent, and a nazi in a miniskirt.

I've never seen AI. I've also never seen an episode of The X-Files (or ANY sci-fi show, including the original Star Trek), Buffy and/or Angel, or The Simpsons.


Zero geek cred, that's me.

I don't watch the show, but I do watch the extreme makeover home edition.

Actually, I was in a doctoral seminar wednesday, and the professor (an Idol addict) had to tell the students about the woman with voices in her head. (It's a media theory class).

...um, I tend to watch things like CSI repeats on Spike. Otherwise, it's SF geek TV for me. :-)

Isn't EHM a stange phenomenon ? I never miss it. But it's strange to find myself openly weeping over the fact that someone got a double-sink. But weep, I do.

I don't watch American Idol. I hate American Idol. I hate reality shows.

What you hate about what we like is really not up for discussion here.

Well, hey, you said to admit that I like AI. I can't... it'd be a lie, and every time someone lies an angel dies.

Or is that fairy? I forget.

I love it! My husband loves it! We call the kids in and we all watch it together.

Which only makes me hope that someday, my children don't look back on AI the way I look back at the Lawrence Welk show.

But I didn't say admit it if you don't like it.

You just killed ten angels, dude. The baby jeebus is hysterical.

Fair enough. Although I feel somewhat bad about killing ten angels. Oh well, it's not like God can't make more.

I'd feel terrible if I killed ten fairies, though. Tinkerbell is cute.

I watch. I admit it, dammit. The first few shows are disturbingly fascinating...

Actually I don't watch the show. Never have. What's the big deal?

I don't watch the show. Heck, I'VE NEVER watched the show. (And to top it off, I've never even tried tobacco, of any kind.) Now I'll go hide in the corner for being mean to Michele.

Watched for the first time last night...sad, funny, scary! Liked the farmer chick...she was good!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is like a reality Touched by an Angel. I'm with Startibartfast on that. I think it's just because I know that the people who are getting these things really couldn't get it otherwise, and it's really gracious.