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Four More Years!

No, not what you think.

This week or there about marks the fourth anniversary of my blogging career. I use the term career loosely, of course.

A quick recap of my history goes like this: Tripod, Freeservers, bought my own domain, blogger, Greymatter, Moveable Type and here I am. I always find it interesting that my first day on blogger, with this domain, was September 10, 2001.

This is the longest I've ever stuck with a hobby/obsession. I usually treat my hobbies like flings, throwing them out the door the minute I realize they are taking up my precious time. What makes this obsession different? I'm not sure. But four years later, I'm still at it. Ok, maybe it's the friends I've made, the audience I've built, the give and take that comes with having comments and yes, the ad money, which isn't a whole lot but last month's take paid the electric bill.

And I guess I should say happy anniversary to anyone - and there are still some of you- who have been around since the beginning. Raise your hand if that's you. I'd like to thank you personally.

I have a "best of" list over here. And a specific subject "best of" over here. I'm trying to add to both of those lists so I can put it all together and then self publish a book of my best stuff, my own posterity and maybe so some day when I'm dead my kids can find a dusty, hastily-bound book in the attic, start reading and realize that the formative years of their childhood, they were nothing more than blogging fodder to me. And they can spend their inheritance on therapy.

For the rest of January, I'm going to be having a Fourth Anniversary Extravaganza, which is to say - there's a party in my blog and you're invited! What will I be doing? No idea. You have any ideas? I'm not a good party planner. I'd be happy to just sit here and play spin the bottle with you while doing jello shots. I was thinking of an ASV scavenger hunt, but making you all hunt through my archives for a prize seems sort of self-obsessed and it will come off sounding like one of those LiveJournal "How Well Do You Know Me" quizzes. Well, how well do you know me?

Anyhow, as I embark on my fourth anniversary extravaganza week/two weeks, what I'm asking for in the way of an anniversary present (the tradition fourth anniversary gift is fruit, flowers or linen, and if you're so inclined you can throw rose petals on my bed while feeding me grapes to cover all three bases) is simple - if you have a favorite entry of mine from the past four years that's not on either list and you think I should include in a book that only my family/bribed friends will shell out ten bucks to buy, please let me know.

And thus begins the extravaganza. Kind of.


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I know that feeling, I've had my domain for 5 years now. 5 years on this Saturday, actually.

Congratulations, and good luck in your next four years. Question: Do you still ever use the word, "beeeeeotches?"

Any post of yours where you've mentioned the '70s is my favorite post.

Congrats. Year five is tough. make sure to take your blog out for dinner every once and a while, and never go to bed angry with each other.

Yeah the 5th year is that magical number where the cravings slow down, similar to the mythical 72nd hour of quiting the cancer sticks.

You've been part of a revolution in Western Civilization--freeing up the flow of information from the former gatekeepers. Thanks to TCP and its cohorts, I now only read the newspaper to see what they fail to report on. Great work, Michelle. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication over the past four years.

Congratulations. sniff where does the time go? i remember back when you were afiblog. a fire inside, baby!

"which is to say - there's a party in my blog and you're invited!"

Yayy! Part-y! Party! Party!!! Will there be togas? ;)

Longevity congrats, Michele. And here's to four more. Cheers!