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Idol Chatter

So, here's the burning question of the day for those of us (wo)man enough to admit that we watch American Idol:

Was Mary simply
a)an actress looking to get noticed
b) just another person looking to cash in on the William Hung gravy train
c) a mentally disturbed individual?

I'm thinking it was (b) but I know a lot of people leaning towards ©. And if the answer is ©, is that explotation or entertainment?

Oh, I'm not going to lie. I was definitely entertained by Mary. In an uncomfortable sort of way.

My favorites from last night: the Rasta guy (good voice, nice charm) and the rock guy (not a great voice but at least his back story would provide the drama that last season was clearly missing).

Hated: The chick who sold her wedding ring to pay her way to the auditions. I don't know why, just a bad vibe I got from her and her stringy husband.

Best part of last night: Ogling Mark McGrath. Hated his band, love his look.

Last thought: Is it me, or did all the singers sound no better than average? And when will someone break out of the mold and choose a really offbeat song?

Update: Is it me or does Paula seem, ummm.....subdued? No, not subdued. Sedated. That's it. No, no. Maybe like.... she's been shot with an elephant tranquilizer? Yea.


There was something in Mary's eye that told me she wasn't acting. Think about it - if the girl is really that crazy, it's no wonder her "friends" told her she could sing!

Wedding band lady annoyed me, too. Actually, so did rock dude. What kind of rocker name is Constantine?

So far, mediocrity prevails. I did notice that singing Stevie Wonder in tune pretty much guarantees you a ticket to Hollywood.

I did really like the guy from Newark, (Anwar?) thought he was really good. I am not a reality television person at all, but found that I watched this last night more for the trainwreck mentality of it. I think it's from too much Ashlee Simpson viewing or something.

I've never seen an episode of American Idol, but there is a great write-up of this topic here.

We talked about it last night, and today at work. I think the general consensus was that she wasn't acting. Last night I wasn't so sure, today I'm inclined to agree.

No more Stevie Wonder songs!! Geesh.

I'd never really seen Mark McGrath before. One, I thought he did a great job. Two, dang, he was cute!

None of the ones that made it through really stood out for me voice wise. I liked Anwar, and I thought Constantine the rocker was interesting.

I even thought of emailing you, Michelle, to ask you what you thought about Mary. Really ... I dunno. If she wasn't acting, she was pretty disturbed. We have power ... aren't we all CITIZEN JOURNALISTS? Can't we dig for the truth of this story? And, by "we" I mean somebody other than me. And, that Mark guy - he seemed pretty useless as far as judging talent, but I ain't exactly complaining.

Was Mary simply
a)an actress looking to get noticed
b) just another person looking to cash in on the William Hung gravy train
c) a mentally disturbed individual?

That's always the question, isn't it?
I'm voting c).

So far, we haven't had any arguers. Those are my favorites.

"You suck."

"No, I don't."

"No, really, you suck."

"NO, I DON'T!"

Then there's this line, which is always amusing: "Can I sing another song?"


We HAVE, though already had the rant about how I'm-gonna-be-a-big-star-and-you'll-all-be-sorry.

C. Exploitation--and it made me more than uncomfortable. I made me a little angry. They shouldn't have aired her footage--I know she signed the papers, but there should still have been an internal set of brakes on someone involved that stopped them from putting her on the air.

I didn't really particularly like any of the voices, although I did like a few of the personalities. Agree on hating the woman who sold her wedding ring--I hope she loses ugly.

Lastly, can't stand Sugar Ray, but Mark McGrath was actually pretty funny. I enjoyed watching him as a guest judge.

And I'd like to second Ith on one thing: please, please, please stop it with the Stevie Wonder songs. Please.

I'm thinking, does it really matter?

Actually, Paula was the only real thing that caught my eye and elephant tranquilizer or 'ludes was what I was thinking.
I think I am outgrowing the show finally.

Paula was high. Again. Mary has multiple personality disorder. Period.

1. I'm a happily married man.

2. Straighter than an error.

3. Is it wrong that I think Mark's a hottie?

Er, arrow. But it works, i think, in that context.

Didn't watch until tonight's show (hadn't EVER watched before!), but the guy who said his friends told him he sounded like Brian McKnight was PATHETIC! Not to mention the Dumb and Dumber boys. The chick from the farm was really good, though!

Next episode should be great with Gene Simmons...now he'll have some choice comebacks that will make Simon look nice!

I vote for ©, I thought about her doing an (A) or (B), but then when she started saying "I'm not going to lose it, I'm NOT going to lose it", I just got this impression that she's really unhinged.

How come no one's talked about Toni Braxton's relative? Is he even for real? The Mayor of Hackensack's son - I really thought they were going to say no.

where have you been? Paula's always high or drunk on that show. i thought it was common knowledge...?

I think she was mentally ill. Totally mental, I must say.

But I've also been having a lot of fun trying to duplicate all of the groovy dance movements she made while she sang.