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Hit it (Song of the Day)

I was going to further discuss this post tonight, but I'm still wading through the 175 comments and I won't have time to formulate anything before American Idol (shut up) goes on.

I do want to point out one thing: My original intent was to find out what defines sexy, in a physical way. That's why the "brains" answer is no good - I want to know what would make you look across the room at a woman for the first time and say "I'd hit it." Really, I wanted to know how many people would include "protruding rib cage" on their list.

So quite a few emailers want to know what I find sexy in a man, physically speaking. Who do I find sexy, they want to know. Glad you asked.

This is sexy.
This is hot.
I'd hit it

And this, this is the pinnacle.

Anyhow, more tomorrow. For now, enjoy tonight's song selection. Dedicated to all the men who only want a girl who wants to bang them.

Bloodhound Gang - Three Point One Four


Looks like you like your men squatty. I am soooooo in....

ooooo. You like the bad boys.

Damn... You're too rough on the knees for me my friend. I ain't that flexible anymore.

Never mind all the who-likes-what stuff, I'm more interested in your perception of Teri Polo. You keep talking about protruding ribcages, and I'm sorry, I don't see it. I was expecting to see a refugee from Auschwitz, and instead I saw a beautiful woman. Don't get me wrong, I've been with plenty of women who had more meat on their bones than Teri, but come on.

Nice ass, verry pretty breasts, GREAT nipples, and please, this girl is NOT anorexic.

Protruding clavicle, then. You could hang a collection of Caphalon pans from that breastbone. Oh well -- to some I guess kitchen storage is sexy.

Well, yeah, if you used a meathook.

Sexy: Kate Winslett
Hot: Olympic diver, wet
Hit: Phoebe Cates, Fast Times
Pinnacle: I'm a married man. With small children. How about three nights in the same week? (Yes, that's a cop out. It's also my dream.)

"I'd hit it"
Alec Baldwin? That lefty punk?

So, (on a Mike Patton-related note) what do you think of the new Handsome Boy Modeling School?

I personally thought Lovage was better. I mean, "Anger Management" just kicks my ass all over the room.

"This is sexy."

Uhhhh ... wow, yeah. I've always found that look sexy, though as someone (good lord, they all ran together sometime after 140 or so comments ...) said in Sex and the Sandwich, I tend to gravitate (visually) toward someone that looks like who I am with. I'm just finally with someone that meets my ideal. Color me lucky. :)

Overall, I am always drawn to intensity, anyone who is passionate about what they do and believe. It's not so important to me what they do or how much they make, it matters if they believe in what they are doing ... though if they are making a LOT of money doing something illegal or immoral, that is the antithesis of sexy, no matter how intense or hot they are.

Not sure if I perpetuated any stereotypes there but, after 40 years, I kind of know what I like.

CraigC, those Playboy pics are WAY airbrushed, go look at the Yahoo ones she posted, then come back and tell me her sternum doesn't lok like the back of a turtle.

Rob Zombie. Mmmmmm.

Nasty hot.

Somehow this whole controversy irresistably brings to mind "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"

Somebody grab the Flattery Crayon and color me in with broad strokes...

I can now rest easy knowing that I belong to the same club as Gary, Rob and Mikey.