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throwing vinyl at zombies

Let's switch gears, eh?

Over at Vinyl Mine (one of my favorite blogs, btw):

... I present the famous record-throwing scene (11 Mb) from Shaun of the Dead in which the vital question of all record collectors is externalized once and for all in widescreen cinema. To wit, which LPs from your collection would you choose to throw at flesh-eating zombies if your life depended on it?

He has the list of what records were thrown in the movie. I want to know what records (and for the sake of modern times, CDs) you own would destroy to save yourself from zombies.

My list:

  • Metallica - ReLoad (CD) - obligatory
  • Huey Lewis and the News - Sports (vinyl) i think everyone my age once owned this album and then later denounced it
  • Hootie and the Blowfish, Cracked Rear View (CD) - I have no idea how this got in my house, really.
  • Loverboy - Get Lucky (vinyl) you would think even the zombies would run from this one
  • Creed - My Own Prison - do you realize the courage it took for me to even admit to owning this cd? Honestly, I don't know if I would subject even a flesh-hungry zombie to this travesty.



PJ Harvey "Dry", and a CD by Sean Penn's brother I got by accident (that might be bad for defensive purposes, because it still has the plastic stuff on it). Duncan Sheik (I'm so embarrassed), Joan Osborn "Relish" (Ditto), and Tracy Bonham's The Burdens of being upright. oF course, since I'm due to receive my copy of "Shawn" TODAY From netflix, I'll have these all handy for the viewing.

In all honesty, I'd throw any of them. It's a fuckin' ZOMBIE for chrissake; and I would gladly trade my life (insignificant as it may be to some) for my copy of Jurassic 5's 'Power in Numbers', any of the Social Distortion records, or the RATM self-titled album. I know, this means I have no soul or something.

But, for the sake of argument I give you the CD's I would throw first:

Soundtrack to Oliver Twist - because it belongs to my g/f and I hate it.

Fat Boy Slim 'You've come a long way baby' - as a matter of fact, I think I'll chuck that one as soon as I get to the car.

Limb Bizkit 'Significant Other' - the first and last album from this group that I ever bought. That band should have been smited from the face of the earth in early '98.

Lou Reed "Metal Machine Music"
any "Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band
Kenny Loggins "Nightwatch"
Martin Mull "Sax and Violins"
Yes,I have these on vinyl.And they are loaded and ready to hurl!

I would gladly slice Zombie heads with those Sparks cut-outs my boyfriend in a band made me buy.

Nick Lowe - never
Elvis Costello - no
Talking heads - no
Gruppo Sportiv0 - Oh yes
B-52's - no
Ramones- no
Waitresses - probably. Theres only that one song on it.
My sister's Tommy album - errgh yes.
Joni Mitchell -
What's this...Monster Mash? Boy, and there's "kung fu fighting stuck to it with bubblegum. It's a single, but if I clliip the Zombie at the right angle it just might work

Kids tody - I feel for 'em. What are THEY gonna throw at Zombies in 25 years? Their i-pods?

Kids today - I feel for 'em. What are THEY gonna throw at Zombies in 25 years? Their i-pods?

Hah. That was laugh out loud.

Kate Bush - "The kick inside" packs a Zombie wallop.

Hey! I still like Sports, which was the first album I bought on cassette, at a garage sale, for a dollar.

But I'm not as old as you. I'm not young enough to enjoy it in a retro/ironic way, either.

Escalator over the Hill by the Jazz Composers Orchestra of America. As a 3-LP set, it has the mass to do some serious damage.

Another with sufficient mass is All Things Must Pass by George Harrison, although you'd have to decide which mode you wanted to use it in: tape the box shut for a massive single hit, or let it open up in flight to attack a group.

If I had a friend nearby to help, I could use the Deutsche Grammophon box set of Beethoven's Symphonies.

What is it with you people? Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band's 1st LP is a freaking hoot, and the follow-up "Zoom" LP was a classic!!! (RIP Root Boy)
I've got a soft spot in my heart for Gruppo Sportivo as well. What kind of soulless monster couldn't appreciate the wonderful nuances of a song like "Beep Beep Love"? I'm aghast...

hey now. don't bag on "Get Lucky". i remember when that album first came out, i totally wanted to be Mike Reno. red leather pants and all.

and after moving a billion times in the past few years, i don't have any more albums. but if i were attacked by zombies, i'd have a pretty big supply of bad porn DVDs to with which to arm myself.

Yeah, mikey. Night of the Living Head should be the first title you throw. ;)

Supertramp, Breakfast in America - what a bore. It's a Master Disc, too, so it's good and heavy.
Timbuk 3 - yet another one of those mistake albums that people acquire.
Michael Jackson, Thriller - Can't look at the guy, much less listen to him.

Hey,Flamen,if is achoice between
A)Being bitten by a flesh eater
B)Bebop Deluxe
C)Root Boy Slim

I'm afraid the Rootster becomes cannon fodder.

Woodstock 2. It's all the stuff that wasn't good enough for the first volume, which means it sucks, and it's a two-record set in a gatefold, which means it packs some heft.

Of course, if I had Chicago IV: Live at Carnegie Hall, I would have to rethink matters.

I would toss all of my wife's Britney Spears and Madonna CDs at them, along with my wife, for having purchased them in the first place. ;)

Oh, and her copy of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. 8^P

I, on the other hand, own nothing I would waste on the rampaging hordes of the undead. Not even my ABBA CDs/tapes/LPs.

The Wall. It's a double, should pack an extra punch. And if it doesn't kill them, they can at least claim Roger Waters as one of their own.

Sandinista. If the sounds of Joe Strummer trying to "get funky" won't kill zombies, nothing will kill zombies.

Tug of War, Paul McCartney. Ebony and ivory / Are effective at killing / Zommm-bies . . . .

Synchronicity. Every breath you take, every move you make, every claim you stake, every vow you break, I'll be SLICING YOUR DECOMPOSING HEAD OFF.

If only I still had it (but I'm glad I don't), the Partridge Family album someone bought me when I was four. I think I love you! So what am I so afraid of! Tell me that's not lethal.

1. New Day Rising - HUSKER DU
2. Jimmywine Majestic - RED RED MEAT
3. Ebony Eyes - BOB WELCH
4. 16 Tamborines - THE THREE O CLOCK
5. ....from across the kitchen table - THE PALE FOUNTAINS
6. all of my Rob Lowe albums.

1. New Day Rising - HUSKER DU


Hey, I have that New Order single he's holding in the picture, the one that looks like a giant 5" floppy disc. It's the original 12" of "Blue Monday". No zombie would get my copy of that.

To make this list interesting, I will stick to albums I would throw at Zombies by artists I actually like.

1. "Boys for Pele", Tori Amos. (When bad albums happen to good women.)
2. "Rubber Soul", The Beatles. (Weak, weak, weak. And somehow it reminds me of the Grateful Dead. Gag.)
3. "His Satanic Majesty's Request", Rolling Stones. (The Stones were many things, but psychedelic was assuredly NOT on of them.)
4. "Zooropa", U2. (Certified zombie-lethal pompous crap.)
5. "Kid A", Radiohead. (Kills zombies and makes me feel not so good, myself.)

The Long Road by Nickelback - I can't believe I expected this album to be good

Sweet Kisses by Jessica Simpson - I used to like her, used to being the two key words.

All Saints by All Saints - They were like the Spice Girls, but less popular, less musically talented, and possibly more clothing. Not a good combo.

Black and Blue by The Backstreet Boys - Need I state a reason?

No Authority by No Authority - A one hit wonder boy band that truly suck.

The Long Road by Nickelback -

Stace, even the undead wouldn't want that one.

yeah, on 2nd thought: Keep the Huskers, ("The Girl Who LIves on Heaven Hill" rules) and ditch The Suburbs "MUsic For Boys"

What an excellent question. I'm on this kick where I've been listening to all my CD's in alphabetical order, just to see what holds up and what doesn't, and I've been slinging the goobers as I find them to reclaim shelf space.

Whiteheart's "Emergency" is good frisbee material. Sorry guys, nothing personal.

One album that for sure would kill zombies is Indigo Girls "Shaming of the Sun". Puh-leeze. I can't stand that album and those women annoy me.

Another one is this goofy Bob Dylan compilation CD that my wife got from, and I'm not making this up, VICTORIA'S SECRET. What is up with that? Bob has this brooding angry look on the cover as he is thinking about the pretty lacey underwear. He looks like somebody's creepy bachelor Uncle Bob that you don't want to babysit the kids, and I'm pretty sure he is wearing eyeliner. Anyway, that disc is so gone from my world.

Ironically, the Patsy Cline reissue sounds good as does every bit of my Clapton, Rundgren, Bonnie Raitt, and Pat Metheny libraries. My love for Alison Krause continues to deepen, but I am a little worried about what will happen when I get to the stack of Yes CD's at the end of the shelf.

(1) Eagles - Hotel California. The beginning of Joe Walsh's long slide down that slippery slope.

(2) Foghat - Fool for the City. Loved this album so much when it was released I can't stand to hear slow ride ever again.

(3) Any, ANY album with Free Bird on it. 'Nuff said.

(4) America - Greatest Hits. Bought this becauuse of some long-gone girlfriend. If you can't kill a zombie at least you can bore them to death.

(5) Steely Dan - Aja. Loved Jeff Baxter. Loved the first 4 albums. Even thought that last one showed a sense of humor. But this? I'm just not cool enough to get it I guess.

Spice Girls CD
Hootie & the Blowfish
Metallica St Anger
the various lame compilations I have

Yes, it is embarassing to admit to owning these...

1. Caribou - Elton John
2. Works, Volume 2 - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
3. Flag - James Taylor
4. Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits (yeh)
5. A - Jethro Tull

I would totally part with the following:

Hall and Oates, "Big Bam Boom"
The soundtrack to Conan: The Destroyer
Genesis, "Invisible Touch"

All on vinyl.

I would NOT part with any of my KISS albums, and I would give it all up before I parted with Rock & Roll Over, which was the first album I ever bought.

And I haven't listened to KISS since about 1982.

Wow, although I don't actually own most of the ones already mentioned, I wouldn't argue with hardly ANY of them. However, I did like Root Boy Slim's "Christmas at Kmart".

My own embarrasing list:

"Journey", Journey
"In through the Out Door", Led Zepellin
"Chicago VII", Chicago
All my wife's Windham Hill releases (would form a nice tight shot group, but beware: any self-inflicted wound involving George Winston would turn YOU into the undead).