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the guiltiest of pleasures

It's baaaack.

Tonight. 8pm EST.

I know damn well I'm not the only one of us who's really excited about this. I'm just the only one who will admit it.


Oh damn, and after that whole tearing of heads and smoking of corpses I really had such respect for you. That show is so...gay for lack of a better word. I must admit though, the Real World is my dirty little secret. Just don't take it away from me.

Am I the only person who doesn't watch that show? sometimes I swear I am...

<*sharpening the pitchfork to take out my ears when that show returns to the airwaves*>

The Partridge Family is back on the air??? Coool. I musta missed the promo.

I'd rather have a jackhammer running in my living room that watch American Idol. However, in a reality show universe full of people eating rancid fish guts and hurting their own families for money, I have to admit that this show seems pretty harmless.

Just don't ask me to watch it...

I'll admit it! The first season, I was all "I can't believe people watch this crap", but then I caught the first couple episodes of the second season and they sucked me in. I don't even really listen to pop music, but I've been looking forward to this for weeks.

Bring on the auditions, especially the spectacularly bad ones. :)

Oh gawd, No! Not again?

Unlike you, I will not admit to loving this show. I am instead in complete denial: I hate it, but watch it relentlessly.

I hate it, but watch it relentlessly

That's why I must miss the first episode. 24 does the same thing. If I catch the first one, that night is tied up for the rest of the season.

Hell yeah I watch it and guess what? I love it. But not as much as YOU loved Matt Rogers (a.k.a Mr."YeahI'llgotoherwebsiteandleaveacomment")

Did I just put that in there to brag that I touched him? Hmmmmmm...

i tried to escape the allure when it first came out, but after channel surfing and catching kelly belt out "Stuff Like That There", i was engrossed. hell, i even auditioned in austin for the second season. my boyfriend's been listening to me babble on about how he'd better not invite anyone over tonight or any tuesday because it's idol night. it's so sad, but it's so fun.

My TiVo's set on season pass already. Everyone needs a guilty pleasure ;-)

I'm with you, Michelle ... I even have to endure relentless teasing from my husband to watch it. But all my kids join me on the couch- and it's one of the few truly family shows on. I don't really care for the first few episodes ... once they get the first "group" I find it more enjoyable.

Heh. Being on the 'Simon' side of the table from vocal auditions, I can honestly say I've never been interested in Idol. Kind of brings back a lot of bad memories, see?
Sure, there are some great singers on that show, but I think that people really watch to hear the bad ones.

Last Comic Standing, on the other hand, I love. Maybe that's because I've always envied people who are naturally funny - I try too hard at it.

Diana was so jobbed.

I love it and have been addicted since the beginning. I like watching the bad ones, but I really enjoy listening every week to hear my favorites doing different songs. I also liked Debbie Allen's show "Fame" where everyone was a triple threat. that was excellent. I wish they would do that one again. if I weren't so out of shape, and the fact that I can't sing, I'd try out in a heart beat. anywho.....guilty pleasure

I am sooo pissed. I want to see House tonight.

While like caltechgirl I wanted to see House too, I'm still excited about the American Idol premiere. It means that one of Fox's most popular shows is going to be House's new leadin, and if it was doing better than The OC with the miserable failure of Rebel Billionaire as its leadin, American Idol may make it the next ER.

Anything to avoid the gruesome fates of Firefly and Keen Eddie.

I'm looking forward to this as well. Last season was the first time I'd watched the show from beginning to end, and seeing Fantasia Barrino grow and mature as a singer was amazing - her rendition of "Summertime" still brings chills everytime I watch the clip.

Great. First, the tsunami hits, and then American Idol starts up, all in less than a month.

We should all still try to keep hope up regardless.