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the giant sucking sound of a football season going down the drain

Dear Doug Brien, I hate you. Not as much as he does, but I really, really hate you. Then again, you have only served to carry on the tradition of winter disappointment. Perhaps it was just meant to be. But you still SUCK. Sincerely, M


I'm a Giants fan, but I've got to admit I was pulling for the Jets. I can't believe they didn't win it in regulation.

In 2005, lets try to win a few games in the first 60 minutes.

Hey, baby, it's called karma. 20-17 just like you sons-o-bi**hes beat my Chargers at home last week, in overtime, on missed fgs.

Go Eggles, by the way!

The JETS outplayed the steelers dammit! I hope that Herm, Chad, and Curtis are all back next season, but that kicker...

Too bad the object of the game wasn't to nail the crossbar from 47 yards. Doug's your guy there. From a completely neutral standpoint it was a good game, captivating finish. Missed FG, Pitt INT, missed FG ... last one to screw the pooch is a rotten egg.

Obligatory "go Vikes" ... who will probably embarrass themselves tomorrow in Philly. I predict Randy Moss crap in his helmet and eat a baby.

I heard a report that Doug Brien tried to hang himself after the game. Fortunately he survived... he couldn't kick the chair out from under himself. ha hahahaha

I know it's difficult, but look at the positive side. The Chargers, along with the press wrote the Jets off. The Jets won. The Steelers, along with the press wrote the Jets off again. But the Jets nearly proved them all wrong. But unfortunately, I don't think that will help comfort Jets fans.

You're from LI, which is close enough to Queens, which means...
Nah, won't go there.
When you find out where that idiot kicker lives, drop me a line before he runs for the hills.

Hell, the only thing about the Jets I like is the coach, but that little soccer SOB pissed me off!

I ain't called Lynch fer nuthing! Hang 'em High!

(stop shouting...there is basketball)

buck up, little camper...
It's only 42 days until DAYTONA!

The Jets outplayed the Steelers? How many offensive touchdowns did they score? Oh, zero?

Roethlisberger played better for the Jets than the Jets did. I would agree though, that Brien is about to hit the unemployment line.

That dude from the Dark Side is just a bit over the top...

Besides, we all love Dougy here in Pittsburgh!

What more can you ask from a playoff game?

Is anyone else sick to friggin death of biased commentators? Just because Dan Dierdorf played for a suck-ass team his entire career he shouldn't get a free pass to basically root for the underdog team every week. I swear to God, when CBS panned in on the booth I expected to see Dierdorf wearing a Jets jersey and a green wig.

I'm a Buffalo and Penn State fan. Worse yet I live in Steeler territory. So two things come to mind:

(1) I wasn't into football before the baseball season finished. Yeah, I slowly got back into it when the Bills made their run - DAMN! That was more fun than I had in 8 years - but I already went through my "no football, no hockey, nothing until baseball" depression a long time ago. At least you had half of January!

(2) I didn't watch the game. Got onto ESPN online and saw Brien missed two "makable" FGs. Saw where the Steelers should have lost. And then? I read where the tries were from 48 and 43 yards. Huh? Being a Bills fann I can tell you - I'm pretty sure they tried all of TWO attempts all year from longer than 40. If you want Brien gone - we'll GLADLY take him!

I'm sorry. I hit post with one more thing to say. Remember three seasons ago. That's my prediction.

Slash. Bettis. Decent defense. Steelers at home for the AFC championship. Against some New England team with a near rookie QB.

Sucker bet. Do you know how much money I made?

Flash-forward to this year. The thing most Steeler fans don't get is that their offense is something like 26th (that's TWENTY-SIXTH) ranked.

Maybe I will get back into F$$tball for one more w$$k!!!! :-P

They may have the 26th-ranked offense, but the Redskins have the 2nd ranked defense, for all the good it did them...

Ah, but what a time to be a Falcons fan. :)

That dude from the Dark Side is just a bit over the top...

Gee, y'think?

Yes, I'm p*ssed he missed those FGs...but suggesting that a young man should die because of it? I mean, come on. Get a grip, people.

In fairness, i don't think you can call a 47 yd attempt in that stadium "makeable" since no visiting kicker has ever made one. (I think that's what the graphic CBS put up said.) In any case, that field is death to kickers.

When your kicker pops one off the cross bar at 47 yards, what makes a coach think that he's suddenly going to make one from 4 yards closer? This guy is no Gary Anderson. Brien may have missed the kicks, but the Jets should have gotten him closer for that last one...or at least tried.

Dear Doug Brien;

Thou art a football god. Please resign with the J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS, JETS! for another ten years or so.

Your most sincere admirer;

Sorge, Dolphin fan.

I'm in a football mood I guess.

I never called any FG mankable. I just said ESPN did. LOL...

As for the Steelers field - I'm from Erie PA. 90 miles from Buffalo. 100 miles from Cleveland. 120 miles from Pittburgh. Makes for some fun times sports-wise.

It also makes me recall how the current field conditions in Pittsburgh compares to the conditions at the old Municipal Stadium in Cleveland. IMHO? Very vvery close. Heinz Field is an embarassment to the NFL. At least Cleveland had an excuse of having an OLD OLD stadium. Pittsburgh? No excuse except they don't care. It really is THAT bad.

I'm a 49ers fan (ha ha ha - boy are we eating it now for our success in the '80s) and I'm amazed the Jets even won last week with Brien kicking for them - the '9ers dumped him years ago. It's a damn shame too, because the rest of the Jets played as gutty and resilient a 10 quarters of football I've ever seen in its last two games.

If the Jets had lost last week, I would have blamed Brien, not Barton. Dougie missed a chip shot (32 yd?) FG early in the game that would have made Barton's late hit irrelevant.

Ah, yes. The Jets are now playing Parchesi.

"The Steelers, along with the press wrote the Jets off again. But the Jets nearly proved them all wrong."

Uh, Willis, I hate to burst your bubble, but you should have said "The Steelers, along with the press wrote the Jets off again. But the STEELERS nearly proved them all wrong." The Jets offense scored a measley THREE points. The only reason the Jets stayed in the game is because Pittsburgh's continuing string of mistakes kept them in the game.

Oh, and DavdD, I personally like the fact the Heinz Field is hell on visiting kickers. The home team sure doesn't have a problem with kicking. =)

All the playoff teams suck.....Dolphins all the way!!!

You guys dont know wut ur talking about..it was all herman edwards fault that they lost the game!!! And also the patriots and steelers suck

It was all Herman Edwards fault that the jets lost the game!! and by the way...i like little boys......if any 10 yr olds want me