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you got a bug problem, man?

This post is for one thing only - to prove to my friend Todd that I am not the only person on this planet that actually liked the movie Starship Troopers. Help a friend out. Admit you liked it.


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OK, I'll admit it. Even if it had Doogie Howser in it, Michael Ironside more than made up for that. I liked it.

I liked it enough to buy the VHS five years ago. Not sure if I like it enough to upgrade to the DVD just yet.

Good movie, though. Cheesy, but good.

"You're it until you die or I find someone better."

Good bad movie if you don't relate it to the book.

Ok, I saw it when the Wife and I went to Disneyworld ... she almost killed me for tricking her into seeing it. She is not a 'gore loving' type of gal. I LOVED it.

It wasn't the novel, but I didn't expect it to be. History & Moral Philosophy would have been a snoozer on screen.

But I DID like the imitation WWII newsreels. Added a nice touch.

Yeah, a lot of people hated it because it wasn't as good as the book. But unless you have a good imagination watching the movie gave you a better feel for what they were up against bug-wise.

Good flick probably have seen it 4 or 5 times (only once in the theater though).

You're not alone. It's a good movie as long as you don't try to take it seriously.

Saw it, liked it, got the DVD set for Christmas last year. Watched it a couple of nights ago on whatever movie channel it was on.

Todd, you're wrong.

Once I figured out that I was supposed to cheer for the bugs ....

Oy vey. As a DEVOTED Heinlein fan, I approached this movie with GREAT skepticism...and very reluctantly found myself enjoying it. Sorry, Todd. :)

I liked it, but I was dissappointed they didn't show the Mobile Infantry as the badasses they were in the book.

Back when it came out, I think a lot of people didn't realize that it was a critique of what it was portraying, rather than an endorsement. The irony seemed pretty obvious to me.

I liked it.

I loved it, bought the DVD which means it is a keeper to me. Have seen parts of ST2, didn't look as good as first.

Never read the book. Loved the movie.

(Has nothing to do with the coed shower scenes, of course, of course...)

If you can separate it from the book, it's schlock scifi on the order of Total Recall...which was also made by Paul Verhoeven...and in the spirit of RoboCop. The classroom scenes in the beginning remain my favorite, as they're very faithful to the spirit of the book, which is more about duty and honor than bug guts and explosions. Michael Ironsides, I believe has read the book...his portrayal of Rasczak (Rico's high school teacher and, later, Lieutenant) was very fine.

I will, however, NEVER EVER forgive them for the omission of the jumpsuits. Cheap bastards.

It's NOT Heinlein's 'Starship Troopers', and as long as you can separate the two, I have no quarrel.


I agree with DemEnTEd on this one. As a "based-on" movie, it holds up well (and yes, I hvought the DVD), moreso than 'The Puppet Masters' did.

Heaven help us if someone decides to film 'Glory Road'!


I agree with DemEnTed, too. Separate it from Heinlein's book, and it's not a bad movie. Lots of problems with science and logic, but otherwise not a bad kick ass and take names movie.

Sometime, I'll have to dig up and post the review I wrote of it for a local SF club.

I just love that movie and the sequel. Okay, so I'm a sucker for B-look-a-like movies and their B-movie direct-to-video sequels, but if you ignore the book and just watch it for the fun, you'll like both movies much better.

But what do I know, I think Kolobos is a good movie.

Dude, that movie has tits in it. Any man who turns down a movie about blowing up giant aliens that includes frontal nudity has been drinking too much of that light beer. Weenie.

I thought it was terrific.

I love that movie. I have a thing...A THING. A. ThinG. For Dina Meyer.

I liked it a lot -- never read the book.

Todd, go watch Garden State or something. (I did that last night and it was great, I'm just saying.) Starship Troopers is fine, mindless, suspend your disbelief entertainment. I would rank it ahead of Armageddon on that count, even, but behind say Air Force One.

Didn't even finish the sequel, though. That was truly awful.

It was good. The first half or so is slow, but the blood-and-guts second half makes up for it.

I loved it and bought the DVD. I'm a SpecialEFX nut, so I at least had to see it once. As it turns out it's good for repeated viewings. I sorta wished that they had articulated the citizen/societal framework a little better, but I never really expected them to follow the book point by point (it woulda been a 10 hour movie), but it really worked as pure entertainment. I think Heinlein would have given it a shrug and a pass. The bug battles are fucking ace!

Loved the book. Enjoyed the movie. Too bad science fiction films are not made by science fiction readers/writers.

The film and the book are vastly different, this is true. But I think the book could've benefited from some of what was in the film -- like the MI being coed. I think that added a different dynamic that, in the future, will be everywhere. Of course, Heinlein was probably making a point with that, too.

Best part of the film: Rasczak walks in on Rico and Diz, and gives them a few more minutes to finish up.

Second-best part: Rue McClanahan (who, by the way is 71) as the bio teacher.

And yes, shank, the frontal nudity was nice. But it wasn't the reason I saw the movie or bought the DVD.

I happen to be a pretty big Heinlein fan, although I enjoyed the film before I read the book. Or any of Heinlein's books.

Loved it. Esp when Brazil got hit as he was talking to his parents.

i LOVED the movie Starship Troopers.

The story and the action were great. And the martial music and staging were very inspiring.

Too bad the sequal was so bad.

-new publius

I liked it a lot. Particularly the part about only giving people who have served in the military the right to vote.

This is my favorite movie and one of my favorite books. I with Mark about only giving the right to vote to people that served in the Military.

"I have a thing...A THING. A. ThinG. For Dina Meyer."

Geez, who doesn't, so how come we haven't seen her NEAR as much as Denise Richards (not that there's anything wrong with Ms. Richards-Sheen).

Which brings up a much more intellectual question than the obvious one presented by Michele:

Who has better breasts, Dina or Denise?

I liked it ok; enough to buy the DVD. My hubby loves it, & so do the kids.

I think I managed to make it through about 20 min of the sequel.

Book > movie.
They are nothing a like. The movie was alright, but it did a diservice to Heinlein.

Dopey as hell, and totally fun.

Especially the big gross icky brain bug sucking out Patrick Muldoon's skull.

Yeah, I liked it well enough. I prefer the CG-animated series though...there's more depth to the characters (even if the dialogue and some of the comic relief situations are very cartoony). Haven't seen the second movie yet, but I have read the book.

The book is as far beyond the movie as Godiva chocolate is beyond Hershey's. They're both quite edible, and they're both chocolate, but Godiva's far superior.

I loved it.

Have to rent the sequel.

Its OK but its no TRON.

...best propaganda film I've ever seen! HATE them bugs!

Only thing it was missing was John Wayne.

Loved it. Live-action cartoon.

Of course I have the DVD. Must have watched it 12 X 2.
RH rocks!

I didn't read the book and I loved the movie.

It was one of my first DVD purchases.

Loved the movie, bought the soundtrack.
Dina Meyer, yum!

there was a book about it? awsome.

Let's see here...

Alien invaders? A bunch of bug critters try to wipe out humanity - Check.
Cheezy yet enjoyable plot? Did I mention we're dealing with giant bugs trying to off humanity in SPACE?
Cheezy yet enjoyable actors? Casper Van Dien, Jake Busey, Clancy Brown
Eye Candy? Dina Meyer and Denise Richards, hell yeah! (Oh, and Dina? Call me.)
Gratuitous Nudity? Four little words: Dina Meyer Shower Scene.
Old School Actor Cameo? Rue McClanahan
Memorable Line(s): "I doubt anyone here would recognize civic virtue if it reached up and bit you in the ass." Michael Ironside
Special Effects, explosions and gore: Oh this baby has all three in spades: great bug aliens, good space shots, lots of blood and carnage, plus plenty of boom-boom

Starship Troopers? What's not to love?

I loved it but am I the only one who was rooting for Jake Busey to bite it throughout the whole film?

That movie was the suckiest suck that ever sucked.

Anyone who disagrees is wrong.

And evil.


I wanted EVERYONE in the movie to bite it. Ten minutes into it and I was rooting for the bugs.

Big Brother: We're not talking about Showgirls, dude.

That's right, I go straight to the nuclear option.

Yeah, Showgirls definitely needed more giant killer bugs and WAY less Shannon Elizabeth. And I haven't even seen it...

I loved it, one of my favorites.

SS troopers was pay back to my wife for making me go see Titanic so for that reason alone it has a special place in my heart Robert Modean covered everything else that needs to be said


I give it 2.5 stars out of 4 - so that means I liked it.

The book was better, but the movie was OK.

Hmm this is the movie where: The 'trained' troupers ;) surrounded a bug at point blank range and unloaded automatic weapons at it.

Atomic Hand Gernades..

Somehow the spirit of not leaving anyone behind became shooting your own men?

heh.. I was a big fan of the book decades before the movie came out... my thought was "My God what have they done?". I should have expected it.

Loved it.
Seen it several times.

I liked it too. Michael Ironside!

Loved it, bought the DVD, laughed uproariously at Fascist Doogie Howser. Mmmmmm, that's some good satire.

loved it. Seemed pretty disconnected from the book.

"Puppet Masters" was a more faithful attempt to film a Heinlein novel, not that it was any great shakes. Anyone who thinks the coed MI was a desirable addition probably didn't mind the deletion of the powered armor, and ought to read the David Drake "Hammers Slammers" series--I believe film adaptations ought to stay close to the book. Thumbs up for the shower scene, made possible by the gratuitous insertion of female infantrymen. Heinlein had female starship officers in the book, which put him in front of other writers, even in 1959. That Dutch pacifist pussy Verhoeven has no business being within 500 miles of a Heinlein story, ever.

No. Power. Suits.

How frikkin' stupid can you be.

Sorry, I'm a devoted Heinlein fan, and the movie sucked.

-N. O'Brain
Imperial Minister for Useless Information

It's not bad. Most of the troopers are annoying though - particularly Jake Busey. (This is a similar flaw of Aliens - most of the troopers are so irritating that you don't mind it when they get bumped off.) My favorite part is when Zander gets his brains sucked out - he deserved it! You don't steal another man's girlfriend. Stay away from the sequel if you wish to retain your sanity.

I liked it.

I own it on DVD. I even taught it, once.

I thought it was a great movie. Have the DVD and everything. Just pretend it's unrelated to the book (admittedly not hard) and you'll do fine.

I don't want to spoil the fun for everyone, but it is a scientific impossibility for insects to achieve that size due to the fact that they have exoskeletons and not endoskeletons. Sorry.

Geez, Nate, that's why they call it Science Fiction!

Worldwide gross - $121,214,377
Not Titanic money, but I guess a few people liked it.

"You're some sort of big, fat smart- blogger, aren't you?"

I liked it.

And even though it didn't capture the technical themes from RAH's novel, I do think it captured the emotional themes. Service for citizenship has already been mentioned, but also the esprit de corps, "us against them" stuff too, the young serve under the tutelage and guidance of senior NCOs. It didn't miss the mark too much.

I liked it too. The line "it SUCKED his BRAINS out!" just has to be a cult classic.

I enjoyed it especially for the fascist overtones of the earth society. But then I vote republican.

the only good bug is a dead bug.

Ignoring the fact that there happens to be a Heinlein book by the same name, what's not to like. At least for a cheexy movie fan.

I mean, c'mon, it's got bad CGI, Denise Richards, who's possibly bad CGI, boobies, guns, bugs, explosions, wooden acting, spaceships, more explosions, more bugs and more guns.

Almost a perfect "turn your brain off movie"

"Would you like to know more?" Heh.

If taken completely on its own merits (not comapring it to the book) then it is a pretty damn good B-movie. If I've got it on DVD, which I do, then it's a good enjoyable movie in my book.

Compared to the book, however, it was wretched.

Side note: While it was based loosely on Heinlein's book, there were elements that seemed to come straight out of John Steakley's "Armor" (but, again, without powered armor.) Anyone else think that as well?

I liked it, didn't love it. The whole gung-ho, military recruiting-video feel of the movie gave off a weird vibe to me...but it had decent FX, and Dina Meyer.

That said, the best thing I can say about it was that it ended.

No, I hated Starship Troopers. I had been a fan of Heinlein and his awesome piece of sf writing long before I saw the flick... and I hated it. It was a pale shadow of the book, it had no power armour, and the "tactics" of the troopers - standing in a line firing from the hip - made my lip curl.
So my girlfriend has a copy and one day I was home sick and I watched it. And I discovered that I liked it. It isn't the novel - and it's not supposed to be. It isn't serious military fiction - and it's not supposed to be that either. It is, however, a pretty good sf/action/comedy flick with some good dialogue and some sweet ideas. So I'm a convert.


It wasn't just the whole" standing in line firing from the hip thing that got me. These guys used tactics that the Iraqi army would have found ridiculous. The movie just kept hitting me with one dumbass line or situation after another.

1) Hmm... let's see... it takes about five of our guys to kill one bug. So let's invade their planet, send our troops out in waves against a vastly numerically superior enemy, and watch them get chopped to pieces. Sounds like a good plan to me.

2) WHY invade the bug planet at all? I mean, were they going to convert them to democracy? The bugs had no technology, and had slaughtered humans with WMDs (asteroids). Nuke the planet from orbit. (It's the only way to be sure.) Or better yet, just start knocking those asteroids in orbit into the planet. Lather, rinse, repeat.

3) Um, you don't need to park your capital ships so close together in orbit that when one goes down it takes another with it. Guys, it's outer space. Spread out a little. Don't worry, there's room.

4) How did the bugs manage to knock asteroids out of their planet's orbit, send them halfway across the galaxy, and then have them impact Earth cities? I mean, I can only suspend disbelief up to a point.

5) Are they telling me that Earth runs out of competent adults and must put perky space teens in charge? Well, I do have to admit that at no point does any character show competence, so maybe I can buy that.

6) Every time his character appeared, I kept thinking "Doogie Howser is NOT a space Nazi. Doogie Howser is NOT a space Nazi."

7) "You're some sort of big, fat, smart-bug, aren't you?"

8) Far from being clever, I thought the "propaganda films" were so ridiculously over the top they'd have streams of young leftists protesting in the streets. Not that that's hard to accomplish.

This is what Roger Ebert called an "idiot movie," because the characters have to be idiots to advance the plot. Yeah, the special effects were great, yeah, the bugs were cool, but I hated Starship Troopers, hated it with the white-hot fury of a thousand suns. I hate movies where the writers think I'm stupid, and they either must have thought that or have done so much coke that they couldn't see straight any more. Or both.

OK, that's my rant. I'll wait over in the corner for death to take me.

Wouldn't say I loved it, can say I hated it. It was both better and worse than the original book by Heinlein.

Which is to say it wasn't stuck in the 1950's version of women - a very modern armed force that MI - but the whole Nazi thing was overstated.

I was prepared for the schlock, but I cannot forgived the lack of power-armor.

Sorry, no marauder suits, no dice.

How can you not like a movie with Doogie Howser, Gary Busey, jr, AND Caspar VAn Diehn?

Not cinematic genius, but fun as hell to watch, in oh so many way.

Psychic fascist Doogie Howser? Oh man, it's GENIUS.

Complete camp, bad science, poor acting, stupid script, and...utterly re-watchable. Loved it!

The sequel, however, was God-awful.

I am a huge fan of this movie. I think people misunderestimate Paul Verhoven, frankly.


As tongue-in-cheek satire of Heinlein's "fascist" tendencies by a Dutchman (liberalest liberal country in the history of Keynesian liberalism) it sucks all kinds of ass and makes Verhoeven look like a complete and utter idiot.

As an adaptation of the book, it's somewhere between the Lawnmower Man 2 and the new Earthsea miniseries (i.e. total crap, but not shockingly so).

As a gung-ho, turn-your-brain-off, tits/guns/blood/gore scifi rollercoaster, it's simply the best damn thing ever, with the possible exception of Total Recall.

Oh, and those griping about the piss-poor tactics - this is intentional - Verhoeven's Fascist Federation fights Orwellian unwinnable wars of their own design to justify a military dictatorship. Mikey Moore must have been a script advisor.

(for those who haven't read the book - the society is actually an ultra-libertarian one. do yourself a favor and read it.)

Oh, and I've seen it aboot 15 times and would consider it in my top 20 of all time, if not my top 10.

(A longtime lurker emerges from the shadows...)

Taken on its own, I liked it just fine.

(Compared to the book, well....)

Site rocks, M-

I am always amazed at people who sat through Starship Troopers and had no comment on or interest in the politics of the world in which the movie takes place

If they really wanted to make it a tribute to RH they would have to have a pre-pubescent central character. His writing is great....but the obvious THING he had for little girls is a tad bit DISTURBING.

Taken on its own, as a brain-dead kind of movie, it was all right. However, it really wasn't Starship Troopers. Aside from the lack of power armor (which I totally feel wasn't the point), the fascist overtones were unfortunate. I loved the book, have read it several times, and enjoyed the way Heinlein talked about sovereign franchise. True, the classes wouldn't have translated well, but they comprised the heart and soul of what Heinlein was trying to get across. (Another good series with some similar ideas is David Gerrold's War against the Chtorr series - the Mode Training book is particularly good, I think it's book three?)

Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. HATE!

Have the VHS...great fun movie...need more mindless shoot'em ups like that.

Love the Doogie Howser would you like to know more scenes...