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this is not a pleasant tomorrow

Follow up.

Two hours sleep. Much anger at my oil company. Lied to, pandered to, etc.

But we have heat and we have hot water and no, I can't switch oil companies because I'm locked in at such an amazing rate for another five months and I am poor enough to sacrifice my righteous indignation in order to save money on my oil bill.

But there is an oil company owner that is going to get an earful from me today.

Also, for the curious emailers: Yes, this happened where I work, which means I can't blog about it. Sorry.


Somehow I didn't figure you for working in a municipality. Having known the many that have run that slog and lost, I will say a prayer to Lindsay's boobs just for you.

For a brief, sleepy moment (I didn't get any sleep last night), I thought you meant you worked at FOX. Heh.

So you work at TaxAct. :)

So it is now illegal to joke about lawyers. I guess I'll be in jail next.

Did you hear the one about the two lawyers and the blond......

Wonder if they will be searching for Lawyer Joke books in addition to weapons the next time I visit our local Nassau County Court House.

Either way I hope they tell us who the thin skinned attorney is soon.

Eh, there's more to this story than a thin skinned attorney.

From the blurb I saw, apparently those guys are some sort of anti-lawyer activists. They probably were being jackasses, but unless they were disrupting an official proceeding, which doesn't appear to be the case, it's hard for me to see how they can be guilty of a criminal offense for simply telling jokes. There's no clause in the First Amendment that says it doesn't apply if the speaker is being a jerk.

Only in Hempstead.