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working for the man

So I'm overwhelmed at work, yet I have a nagging conscience that makes me feel guilty when there's nothing going on here. I was going to write about a bunch of things today: 1. People keep telling me to stay away from the movies Open Water and the Village. I had little desire to see either, but I'm always happy for a Don't-watch-this recommendation. 2. Something about the book The Watsons Go To Birmingham and how it made DJ really upset. But he did a good book report on it. And it was a fantastic book. 3. [Insert recent photography attempts here] 4. Something about using cheat codes and walkthrough on video games, and can one say they really beat a game if they used either of those features? 5. A plea for knowledge on how to get rid of all old comment spam. 6. How Of Mice and Men made Natalie really angry. 7. Dipshit. (I boiled a rant down to that one word, so no one has to suffer through it) 8. What kind of person gets their sex advice from a magazine that features recipes for casseroles that look like they jumped off the pages of Lileks's Institute? 9. What's this podcasting thing all about and should I try it? 10. Fourth anniversary of ASV this month, looking to do something special. Ten ideas, zero posts. But I get paid to work, not to write this stuff, so condense/list/run is the best I can do today. Feel free to discuss any of the above while I toil away for the man over here. [One thing I forgot -if you or anyone you know were on Bloghosts and moved your site after the implosion to a new URL, please let me know]


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There's a good introduction to podcasting in this month's MacAddict magazine. Even shows you how to wrap your mp3s in the RSS feed. I just got it in the mail, but it's not up on the web site. You can probably find it at the newsstand. It also has a lot of other nifty things you can do with your iPod besides play music. (as if!)

1. The Village was okay. Worth a rental. Open Water = Meh. New stay away from: Darkness.
2. Never read it. But it sounds like some kind of civil rights history through the eyes of a minor kind of thing.
3. Nicely done. I especially liked the Nth one.
4. No, they cannot qualify that as beating the game without footnoting the use of such measures.
5. Quit allowing comments OR have an unpopular blog.
6. Never read it. Have...nothing else to say. How odd.
7. We have one of those in my office too.
8. The kind of person who is doomed to the cycle of unpleasing sex, begetting even more unpleasant experiments.
9. I'm filled with jealousy (not in an angry way, more like a wedgie of the mind way) that you and many others recieved iPods for Christmas this year. You bastards weren't even GOOD in 2004 dammit.
10. Show us your BOOBS.

10. Maybe a brief link fest to your favorite entries of the past four years, or those that had the most influence. Kind of time capsule kind of deal. oryoucouldjustshowusy-slap-.

Michele, I was on bloghosts and moved over in mid December. Kept my URL however, http://secureliberty.org

"4. Something about using cheat codes and walkthrough on video games, and can one say they really beat a game if they used either of those features?"
-> Nope. That's why they call it cheating.

Being paranoid, I sincerely hope #7 is not about me.

#8 is one of my favorite subjects - contradictory messages on the covers of "Women's" magazines. I know women are complex and all, but geeez....
It's so comforting to be in the check-out at WalMart and know that when you look at the magazines you'll ALWAYS see :

On the right margin "How to lose that last 10 pounds"
On the left Margin: "Chocolate recipies to die for!"

Also, Cosmo is good for a chuckle. The cover can simultaneously tell you how to act slutty at the office and ask "Why won't men commit?" Funny.

I'm at unapplied.com, but skillzy.com points there now since they finally switched my domain to me AFTER I got a new one set up (bastards).

Cheat codes are cheating, walkthroughs are just studying history (some person's history of their experience with the game), you still have to do it yourself. That's what I tell myself anyway. Speaking of games, I rented Fable for X-Box over the weekend, it's a pretty cool game from what I've seen of it so far.

You might try using registration or verification codes to control the spam problem. There's gotta be an MT hack out there somewhere for that.

But don't ask me where one is since I don't use MT.

It's the comments on the older posts I want to get rid of. I don't have that many problems now, since I close comments after X amount of days.

My sister just recently watched "Open Water," and said it was good. Disturbing, but good.

I've heard nothing but good about "The Village." I myself love all of M. Knigh Shamalamadingdong's movies. ;-)

Um, that should say "Knight." M. Knight Shamalamadingdong. Wouldn't want to get any aspect of his name wrong, now would we?

If you've never had the time or inclination to read Plato's Allegory of the Cave, The Village is a good pop substitute. However, Bush supporters should be aware that The Village is no doubt Shyamalan's commentary on post 9/11 America.

Here's a great online how to on making the audio for a podcast...


not a new URL... but I WAS on bloghosts and after the resulting battle, I'm back up and running... I'd appreciate that word being spread around if you'd be so kind.

I would definitely encourage you to podcast. There's a few comments above mine with some good advice as to services; my favorite podcast service is podcaster, which can be found at rizzn.net. It's free so it works well for trying the medium out.

Besides, the non-idiotarians need an anti-Adam Curry.

On number 4, I see cheats as being akin to playing T-Ball before you play baseball--if you're still doing it when you are ten you are lame.

can one say they really beat a game if they used either of those features?

Good question. I won't cheat code, but I do use walkthroughs if I'm desperately stuck and out of ideas. I think I don't consider that cheating because it's basically something programmers do all the time anyway: They get stuck, so they go to another guy for help. And sometimes the other guy isn't any help at all (which certainly applies to some badly-written walkthroughs out there), but just the part where you got up and got away from your problem for a second to seek out a fresh perspective--that's what helps you solve the problem. It's like CTRL-ALT-DEL for the mind or something.

So that's how I view walkthroughs. They're a last resort, it's better not to need them at all, but I'm not going to beat myself up if I have to resort to using one.

FWIW, I hate =Of Mice and Men=.

Actually, there's not a Steinbeck novel that doesn't piss me off.

We had a Game Genie for the old 8-bit system and there was something oddly fulfilling about waltzing through a game with infinity magic/power/lives.

I used to play Castlevania while listening to Queen - "Bohemnian Rhapsody" and "Bicycle" were both excellent soundtracks for that game.

The only games I used the Game Genie on were the Zelda games, Castlevania, and Lolo - we had tons of other games but for some reason those were the ones that I gravitated towards while in the 'cheat and beat' frame of mind.

Video game walkthroughs are great when you're tired of trying, for the 15th time, to get through an especially sticky part of a game. who has that kind of time anymore?

and, you voted for bush. sod off you red-stater wanna be.

I like to take the walkthroughs and go back after I've beaten the game to see what I missed.