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I never bothered to do my "Lets go Jets!" post yesterday because hey, it's the Jets. It's the playoffs. Why get all giddy and excited for disappointment, right? Well, go figure. They won (despite the "ghost of Mark Gastineau" showing up). So, like Jason, I'll stay on the bandwagon another week. I will, however, bother with my "Let's Go Packers!" post today because, even though I have somewhat lost the passion and obsession I used to have for the NFL, there is nothing that would make me happier (and I mean nothing, not even a Yankees world series win) than the Packers winning the Super Bowl. Though, I would be really happy with just beating the Vikings today. Here's the obligatory repeat of my "Why I Wear a Packers Jersey in New York" post.
The poignant, touching history of why I love the Green Bay Packers, soon to be made into a Lifetime movie of the week: I have always been a football fan. My father was a Jets fan since the beginning, and we grew up watching them. Joe Namath was an early hero of mine, and when my father met him and got his autograph, we lived in this heady state of euphoria for days. We loved football. We loved the Jets. Eventually the Jets ripped my heart out and moved to New Jersey. I was pissed. I was hurt. I felt as if a long time lover had abandoned me for a sexier, prettier girl. I, in turn, abandoned the Jets. No longer was I one of their biggest fans. I couldn't look them in they eye. I couldn't stand the pain. I lost interest in football for the most part, and didn't come back to it until I joined a football pool at the local deli a few years later. I came back to the game full force, back to spending my Sundays in front of the tv, cursing and muttering and cheering. I had no team, though. I was like a man without a country. I had no banner to wave, no colors to wear, no allegiance to pledge. This went on for a few years, with me just rooting for the point spread and some extra cash. Enter Xavier. I met Xavier several years ago, when I was in the waning stages of my marraige and about to end it. Xavier became a great friend, my one man group therapy and confidant. He was spiritual without being religious, generous to a fault and dying of cancer. He was in the last stages of a hard fought battle, and he gave up on hospitals and chemo and doctors in general. He just wanted to fade away peacefully. We spent a lot of time together that fall, examining life and talking football. Xavier was a Packers fan through and through. He was from Green Bay. His blood was green and gold. His mood was determined by the accuracy of Bret Favre's arm on any given Sunday. Towards the end of November that year, Xavier told me he wouldn't make it to Christmas. He was ready to let go of whatever rope he was clinging to. He had enough. He wrote me a letter shortly after Thanksgiving, after he lost the use of his voice, and asked me to honor a few favors he had of me. He asked me to take care of myself, to be good to myself. He asked me not to settle for just anyone just because I didn't want to be alone. He asked me to always remember him. And he asked me to pledge to him that I would always and forever remain a Packers fan, so I could root for them in his place. I readily agreed to all. I told him I would try to keep most of the promises, and the last one was certainly the easiest. Xavier died the first week in December. The Packers made it to the Super Bowl and lost to Denver. Of course, I have never forgotten him. I have been mostly good to myself and no, I didn't settle. And I am still, and always will be, a Packers fan. So here's to the Packers, Xavier and keeping promises to friends. ---- Let's go Packers!


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It's almost depressing that the Vikings have seemingly thrown in the towel before the game has even begun. That's what happens when you play in a dump dome and go outside to play real playoff football.


Go Packers!!!......Until next week. Then it's Go Falcons!

Growing up in Minnesota, I always admired the old NFC Central. Probably because those were the only teams I knew. There were rumors of things called "Cowboys" and "Redskins" and others, but Lions, Packers, Bears, and Vikings (and, I suppose, some crappy, forgotten fifth wheel) were all that really mattered.

I know the Vikings are in that same "Never Gonna" Club with the Cubs, so I'll be cheering for them today. But whoever wins, I want them to win it all.

Probably not gonna happen, but I still want it.

And thanks for explaining the "X" factor in today's game. As long as it doesn't have anything to do with Randy Moss' attitude, there's hope for the Vikings.

As a Packers fan in St. Louis land, I'm flying the flag today and sincerely hoping for the Rams-Packers championship game at Lambeau in February.

Oh pleasepleaseplease Santa, I've been good all year....all eight and a half days of it so far....

Puck the Fackers!! ;0)

Vikes 31 Pukers 17 Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bite me.

boy, between the yankees and the pack these past few months have been rough on the ASM family.


uh... ouch.

Farve looked HORRIBLE... doesn't he know he's NOT supposed to be throwing to the purple-guys???

doesn't matter because my Patriots are gonna take it all for the repeat.

Woulda been nice to beat on the Pack in the SB, though.... a little revenge for '96.

to Steve from Norway:

"That's what happens when you play in a dump dome and go outside to play real playoff football"

Yeah - 31-17 IS what happens! ;)


(all in good fun!)