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just saying

Anyone who leaves a well-run, customer friendly hosting company because a DOS attack made their site go down for a bit on a Friday night is, in my eyes, an idiot. You're never going to find a hosting company that is totally DOS Attack proof. And you'll never find a company that is more receptive to the needs and attention of bloggers than Hosting Matters. And when that person leaving the hosting company says they are going to find a "blue state" company to host with, well, there's some other issues there that go way beyond the understanding of servers. As I do often, I'd just like to thank Annette, Stacy and all the other HM people for all their hard work in keeping their hosted sites running smoothly. [this has not been a paid announcement. it's gratitude]


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Personally, I think if you're so vacuously stupid as to think a DOS attack is the fault of the hosting company then you're not entitled to the "geek" part of your clearly self-bestowed nickname.

You can howeve leave a hosting company if they are useless and getting back going after a DOS attack. But yes DOS attacks are a matter of course for anyone online.

Come on guys..how about a link to the vacuously stupid blogger in question? :)

FWIW, I've hosted at the place for 4+ years now.

I, too, am at HM. Love 'em to pieces (yea Annette and Stacy!! I keep offering to send them See's candy but they politely tell me they are just doing their job)

I'll be interested to see if there is any followup posted on tracking down the culprits (slap 'em in legirons and put panties on their heads...oh, scratch the last, Ted Kennedy will take offense)

My only concern would be that they haven't segmented all of you. The top blogs all go down together every time there is a problem...and THAT is a problem. At some point they have to consider segmenting the whole shebang to protect as many as possible.

Whining about blue state red state nonsense or complaining about a DDOS? Stupid. But then, having been a host, I know that there is one thing common to most clients: they panic at the merest hint of a traffic interruption, even if it has nothing to do with the host. If a router in Wisconsin slows down for an eighth of a second once at 4 AM, you can bet that phone rings. :)

The trembling hissyfit blogger in question is msgeek.org.

Who wisely does not enable comments.

My reaction to this stupidity: Door. Ass. Bang.

That's pretty stupid - while I'm not at HM myself, I've heard nothing but good things about working with them - DDOS issues are not going to disappear anytime soon, and they happen here and there. To leave your host because of one, if they were responsive about the problem, isn't too smart.

Yes, MsGeek is teh stupid.

But I'd say for punishment of DDOS'ers we should feed them the key to a starvation chamber and then lock them in it with Michael Moore. That's the most creative death I could come up with.

Typo alert in my previous comment..I've hosted at the same place for 4 years - but it's not Hosting Matters. Didn't mean to imply otherwise.

Switching hosts because of a DDOS attack and the fact that you don't agree with the political ideologies of some of the people who also use that company should be worthy of some sort of "moron of the month" award.

I've been with hosting matters for a couple of years and have been very happy with the service, price and helpfulness of people when I've had problems (even when the problems were of my own making).

Of course, I'm a Mac geek. ;-)

Actually, the site being moved was msgeek.com. msgeek.org is another blog this particular asshat runs on Blogger.

I have been on Hosting Matter for more than two years, first with the site dedicated to my brother, anld later my blog which was a branch of that site. I also manage my church's site which is hoster there. My first attraction to them was that they were local for me (Jacksonville). They're not expensive, as she implies, and the service has never been anything less than excellent. I've never had to wait more than a few minutes for them to respond to a trouble ticket.

What a stupid bee-aytch.

Joe, what makes you such an expert about these matters? What makes you someone who has the scoop that "Michele" and "Michelle" are one and the same? One cliams to be from NY/NJ (pretty convincingly I might add) and the other from "Paranoia City CA" flashing a peace symbol in her caracterature (sic).

Please inform us - who are you? Inquisitive minds care to know.

Wow. Anyone else feel like they missed something? From outer space?

Dave? WTF are you talking about?

Man, I left to early yesterday. It got interesting. Oh well, I suppose every idiot gets to speak. Including me.

after the BlogHosts mess, did you really think there wouldn't be someone overreacting to a DoS attack?

just sayin...