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i coulda been a contender

$80,000 a year and hero status for playing video games. I should have honed those skills instead of hiding them. Starting with Pong and working my way up. Update: If they gave out cash prizes for excellence in this game, I'd finally be independently wealthy.


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Looks like I was ahead of my time. Who knew that being able to play the old arcade Missile Command for 12 hours on a single quarter could turn into a viable form of employment?

No comments about how many quarters it took me to get there.

It's nice to see Allen, Texas in the news for something other than bogus bomb threats.

Friend of mine playing video games won a 52 inch big screen, numerous game systems and brand new jeep cherokee.

He's now discovering there's not much market for 35 year old video gamers.

My kids got me an Atari Anthology game for the PS2

It has BattleZone.

The kids don't get to play much Madden 2005 anymore.

And to think, I slaughtered all those drunks in every and any bar playing "Asteroids" for mere beers... I never even got in on the bets!

Ah, good old Adventure! He didn't have the ladder/bridge and that cursed bat. But I still remembered exactly how to make my way to the black castle!