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the price is wrong, bitch!

I'm home with a stomach flu thing today, which gives me the chance to lay on the couch and flip channels without feeling guilty about it. Except, there's not much on during the weekday hours, is there? After running through seventeen talk shows (one with Tony Danza, when the hell did he get his career back?), I settled on The Price is Right. Now, I haven't see TPIR in about ten years, so I was expecting some upgrades in the set, maybe a few flashes of update technology or the like. No, it was like stepping into a time warp, right back to the last time I watched the show. And Bob still looks like he dipped his head in baby powder, there are still those morons in the audience who spend the entire time yelling out "bid one dollar!" as if underbidding your opponent was something they just came up with on their own and they still pick bitch contestant who will bid $801 after the guy next to her just bid $800. That's just poor form, man. Cutthroat Price is Right? I call shenanigans. I think they should have updated the rule to state that when someone fucks up your bid like that, you have the right to bitchslap them. Well, at least Bob was happy. The chick who bid $801 was a jiggly young thing with "Bob Rocks!" plastered across her chest, giving him free reign to stare at her tits and not her face. The more things change.... You know what I miss? Afternoon game shows. Coming home from school and going straight to the tv to watch Match Game was one of life's great pleasures. Even if I didn't understand the innuendos until much later in life.


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It's still running on the Gameshow Network in the evenings. I must confess that I have watched a few episodes of Match Game and they are still extremely funny. I've also watched some of the old Family Feud shows. I love Richard Dawson - the old perv.

"Poor Michele is at home recuperating; she's having trouble with her BLANK."

To this day when I tell a double-entendre joke I finish it off laughing like Gene Rayburn.

we need screen shots of good old bob in action.

I miss the ol' Match Game as well. I never seem to catch it on GSN.

Match Game 72
Match Game 73
Match Game 74
Match Game 75
Match Game 76
Match Game PM ...

I read once where they taped a weeks worth of shows in a day, and inbetween the 'shows' the stars went backstage to where a full-bar was provided. By the time 'Fridays' show was taped, everyone was more than a little ripe; probably way the entendre's were always better on Friday.

Once the game shows are over, you could always play with your iPod. (I'm so jealous.)

You got an iPod? Lucky dog!

Anyways, yes old game shows are great. In th 80's, I loved Chuck Wollery's throwback approach to dating games.

"Two and Two (finger motion) we'll be right back at'cha!"

Smarmy motherfucker.

Here's wishing you a speedy get back on your feet.

BWOWMP, ding, duh-ding-ding, ding-ding-ding, BWOMP...

I was just about to relate the same anecdote as Charlie, except using the phrase "they was sauced up like a muhfuck."

Who remembers the old 60's Matchgame? When the answers used to flip over on some kind of contraption that sat on the celebs desk...and I believe there were only three celebs...this was back in the day of black and white TV...(I'm only 47, but I still remember it)

They don't make 'em like Gene Rayburn anymore. Of course, the show was never the same after Richard Dawson left for Family Feud.

The New York area, late-afternoon daytime TV lineup of champions, though, was always: Match Game, Mike Douglas, The 4:30 Movie (Especially Planet of the Apes week or The Great Escape week.)

I lived for the 4:30 movie. Vincent Price week ruled.

I miss, most of all, summer vacation in the late '60's/early 70's, when very Monday through Friday morning, from 9 am to noon, was nothing but game shows, on all 3 channels.
Now my daughter just looks at me funny when I say, "3 channels".........

They'll never be able to make a successful revival of "Match Game" as long is Gene Rayburn is dead. He was the best game show host this side of Bill Cullen, ever, bar none.

Gene, Richard, Brett and Charles were lightning in a bottle. You couldn't have cast that show. It just happened.

The only revival that came close ws a Rayburn-less ABC run in 1990-91, and it only halfway worked because Brett and Charles were on together about half the time.