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melly rhymes with smelly

Yes, there's another blog awards thing going on. This one has no drama, no politics as far as I can see and two of my favorite women are up for awards. Melly, (best overall blog) who was provided with this fine graphic:
vote4melly2.jpg And Sheila (best literary blog), who runs the best blog out there. So go vote for Melly and don't go to helly and vote for Sheila because umm....she'll let you feel her? No. What rhymes with Sheila? VOTE



Man, that's a lot of blogs I've never heard of. Dodger Thoughts is a great blog, though.

Reading that list is a great way to expand one's blog horizons.

anytime YOU need a campaign manager, you just holla at me.


"Sexy like Ophelia"?

It's kinda literary, too.

Yeah, I have heard of none of those blogs except Neil Gaiman.

"Hell-y" is fuuny, but not as good as
"Stella! Stella!
Can't you hear me yell-a
You put me through Hell-a


Michele, woman, thank you for this link! You rock!

I like that ... "Sheila. Sexy like Ophelia."