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Bogged Down in the Hall

Congrats, Ryne Sandberg. Well, deserved. Uhh..yea, congrats Boggs. To the six idiots who voted for Daryll Strawberry - go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Hand in your baseball credentials when you get there. Same for the people who voted for Abbot. Best Wade Boggs story, ever.


Do you mind if I just reprint all of your entries from today and pretend they're mine? Thanks! You're an angel.

Ah, yes...a great Red Sox year continues.

Sandberg was my favorite baseball player, growing up. When I was in YMCA (a.k.a. pathetic) baseball in grade school, I even wore number 23 and played second base, so I could be like him.

Good to see him get some love.


The only thing I ever wanted to see Ryan Sandbags do is dive for a ball. Only problem is that it never happened. Hey it is easy to be errorless with Mark Grace at first and the range of a YMCA baseball second basemen. ( no offence intended to you Dave, I am just saying one step maybe two steps to the left or right was the limit of his range.)

The Hall continues to slide downward.

Six votes for Rose? After he admitted betting on his own team? Those guys should have their credentials pulled!

I'm shocked--shocked!!!--that you would impugn the athletic abilities of third-grade second-basemen everywhere.

I mean, I was a lardass (still am) so yeah, you're pretty much right. But still.

I don't know. Ten-time All Star, nine Golden Gloves, named the NL MVP in '84, .989 fielding percentage. Not exactly colossal numbers, but not that shabby either.

grudgingly giving compliments to Boggs.... how Yankee-ish of you... but he WAS a Yankee.

He was also one hellava baseball player and deserves the induction. Now, if we could just FINALLY get Jim Rice in...