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I caught you a delicious bass

By now you've probably either seen Napoleon Dynamite or realized that you have no interest in seeing it. It's one of those movies - you either love it or it leaves you staring blankly at the screen. Me, I loved it. In fact, it quickly moved up the ranks into my list of all time favorite movies. I just love the way it could have devolved into a cliched, feel-good-movie-of-the-year at so many points yet never did. DJ obviously loved it as well. Not only is he walking around doing all kinds of Napoleon talk, but today in creative writing, the assignment was to write about a pet that you either had or want. He wrote three paragraphs on the Liger. I love that kid. He's flippin' sweet. So, quick survey. Did you see the movie? Are you in the love it or huh? category? Are you any good with a bowstaff?


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I loved it. I actually have a co-worker who not only looks like Napoleon, but talks like him too. "SWEET!" He just doesn't like it when I point that out to him.

Isn't it "bo" staff? And yes, I loved it.

It's an American version of Gregory's Girl, one of my all-time favorite goofball romance movies. Check that one out. It's filled with bad fashion and great quotes, too. Example: "Can I borrow your white jacket?"

We watched it on New Year's Eve, but I fell asleep (it was after midnight, and yes, I'm lame). What I managed to stay awake for, I really thought was funny, so it's on my list to watch.

I drove 7 hours to see it in New Orleans before it was released Nationwide.

I flipping loved it and bought it the morning it came out... watched it 3 times at work that day.


I thought it was quite good, thought it wouldn't make my top 5. And the main character reminded me a lot of someone (an adult) I know...spookily similar mannerisms.

Don't remember many of the details, but I do remember thinking it licked balls.

Ok. My family LOVES it. We walk around all day long talking like him.


It's a sickness, I think.

Didn't love it, didn't despise it. Just horribly disappointed by it. Great stock characters given nothing interesting to say and nothing interesting to do. It's kind of like "The Big Lebowski" for the MTV set, only without the entertainment factor. This movie could have been an all time classic with just a little bit of effort. Such a waste.

Haven't seen it, not terribly interested in seeing it. The pay-per-view ads for it make me go "eh".

Great stock characters given nothing interesting to say and nothing interesting to do.

Yeah, exactly. The characters are still vivid in my mind but aside from the "Vote for Pedro" t-shirt and 'tardy's little dance number at the end, I don't remember a single fucking thing that happened. Slap a plot on there somewhere next time.

I'm sort of in the camp with JohnO. There are some good comic bits (the time machine was funny), but a lot of it is just too over-the-top. I wasn't horribly disappointed by it, but I can't say that I'll be renting it out anytime soon to see it again and again and again. Maybe it is too PoMo for me.


The bike rack scene kicked butt.

I thought it was easily the worst movie ever made, except for "The Grudge," which was without a doubt the worst movie ever made; well, except for "Battlefield Earth." Then again, I did chuckle slightly when his uncle hit him in the side of the head with a steak. (Or did he hit someone else? - Whatever. That part was kinda funny).

"Sorry I'm late. I just got done taming a wild honeymoon stallion for you guys."

I really would like to see it, but the lead character is the spitting image of my younger brother. The absurdly curly hair, the goofy expression, the gawky build. My brother seems much cooler than him (I'm my estimation, I come from a family of complete oddballs, myself included).

It's just..really...weird, ya' know?

I can't watch recent Sally Field performances for a similar reason. She now looks a lot like my Mom. It just gives me the willies. It's completely ruined the "Smokey and the Bandit" films for me.

Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I'm training to be a cage fighter.

Saw it Sat morning,a new female friend came over with a Bottle of Tattinger's and ND.I thought it rocked solid,made my lips hurt real bad.I fyou read some of the postings at IMDB,you will find that it has many way inside Mormon jokes,too.And the Liger is a real animal that is actually stuffed and on display somewhere in Utah.I just sit around cracking up at how perfectly the director got these characters.

"Yeah right. Who's the only one here who knows the illegal ninja moves from the government?

LOVED IT...though, the liger has pretty much been my favorite animal for a while now.

Napoleon Dynamite was a great, quirky little movie made outside of the Hollywood system. Check out what's gonna come out of Tinsletown in 2005.

You've gotta be kidding me. Is Hollywood capable of an original idea anymore? Do we really need a remake of The Pink Panther? The Bad News Bears? Yet another remake of King Kong?

And they're still making movies of every TV show under the sun. The Dukes of Hazzard? Give me a fucking break.

I'm not watching anything that comes out of a major movie studio this year. It's arthouse flicks or bust.

I considered seeing it because a lot of bright folks seem to love it, but the reviews I read didn't sound very promising and I was skeptical about the whole hopelessly awkward geek shtick...


I do remember thinking it licked balls.

I'm trying to figure out whether that is meant as a good or bad thing...

[btw...#4 bought it yesterday, girls loved it... I'll watch it this weekend]

In terms of Hollywood movies sucking like a Hoover, Daniel, I give you the epic Racing Stripes.

I haven't seen it (We're so lame), but if I hear about it from one more bartender/waitress, I'm going to snap. You'll be able to watch my getaway video on Fox.

Loved it.

Every character is fantastic.

"no computer hacking skills..,"

I'm in a relationship that is a case in point for this film. I haven't seen it, but I desperately want to. I immediately thought it looked like the greatest film of all time from the moment I saw the first ad and wanted to see it in the theater. However, my girlfriend immediately decided it looked to her like the worst film of all time from the moment she saw the first ad. Since then, it's been a constant battle. Now, finally, it is in our Netflix queue. Close, tantazlizingly close. Come to me Napoleon. Soon you will be mine.

I should also add that Ghost World, which I believe Michele hates, is one of my favorite films of all time.

I couldn't quite figure out if the author loved them or was laughing at them. Perhaps that was the balance he/she was going for.

Oh brother do I agree with you. I recommended this to my sister and her family of pre-teens and just heard that the film has become the running soundtrack to their lives.

We were crying with laughter at times both times we saw it.

Alpaca Burger Forum reviewed it here:

But suffice it to say, if you're an American who grew up here in the past 30 years, you're probably going to love Napolean Dynamite.

Thanks for bringing it up!

From what I can tell...I'm going to love it and my wife's going to leave the room giving me that look while I cackle my fool head off.

At least now I don't have to wonder why Pedro seemed to have so many followers in so many different places.

the first time I saw it, i sat in the theater thinking 'this is the most retarded movie i've ever seen in my entire life'.

But oddly enough, later that night, i started quoting it with my friend, and it got funnier and funnier in retrospect.

Saw it New Year's Eve and had a good laugh. A friend I saw it with works for a health department and about lost it during the "lunch o' eggs." My mom used to drop an egg in the OJ too, but then she would whip it up in the blender. I grew up in Utah and we have some "cultural" similarities with our Idaho friends.

I thought there was a little bit of a multi-culti message: "geeks/freaks can find love, friendship, acceptance if they will join with other downtrodden minorities such as blacks and Mexicans." That part seemed annoyingly preachy to me but maybe there is something to it. Favorite scene was the van's stress test on the tupperware.

Oh, and I saw Shasta, the liger, several times at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City "back in the day." Stuffed Shasta is now in BYU's science museum.

One more category you omitted, I had never even heard of it. Looks like it's worth adding to the Netflix list when it comes out on DVD.

Loved it: even though - or perhaps because - Napoleon comes a little too close to one of my own. 'Cept his sweet moves are strictly for DDR.

The Hot Wife and I watched this past Saturday night, and cackled most of the way through it. I really loved most parts of it. We both fluctuated between hysterical laughter and the uncomfortable embarrassment/knee-jerk sympathy one feels when confronted with absurd nerd behaviour, particularly during the "Happy Hands Club" segment. I kept getting the feeling that this thing was shot in New Zealand somewhere. The brother was a great character and his gangsta transformation was a hoot. I really love the actor who played uncle Rico. He starred in a really bad Charles Band flick back in the 80s called "Terrorvision," and I always wondered what happened to him. All weekend,whenever the Hot Wife and I alluded to the possibility of "extracurricular" activity, we would say "So, are we any closer to a decision on this 36-piece set?" It's not the greatest comedy ever filmed, but it's worth a look-see, and much better that the majority of the comedies I've seen in the last couple of years, as well as an uncomfortable reminder of the absurdities of High School life...

Loved it.

Maybe the most quotable movie since Lebowski.

Loved it, gosh! So many great quotes in there but I could see where it is a love it or hate it movie. My kids love it. "Tina, come get some ham..."

Loved it.

I grew up about ten miles from where it was filmed. (My hometown is "the city" to the kids in the movie.)

Reading through the reviews, I think a lot of reviewers didn't get it. Some thought it was mean-spirited. I didn't get that at all. Say what you will about Napolean—and he is one flippin' weird dude—but he's got dignity and doesn't need your pity. He's his own kind of cool.

I know people that know people who made this movie.

Loved it! My 15-year-old daughter loved it. My 12-year-old step daughter loved it. It's perfect!

Put me in the "eh?" category. Admittedly I was exactly that geeky and awkward in high school, so maybe I'm too close to the source material. But it just struck me as dull. I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it either. Mostly it was for me "what's all the fuss?"

Exactly. I'd heard so many of my friends raving about it and quoting it that I finally had to see it, and it was kind of disappointing after all that build-up. I don't see how it's any better than any other movie I've ever seen.

Ditto the previous two comments.

Loved it.

I too had trouble getting dates to the prom due to my lack of bowstaff fighting skills.

Dude. This movie talks about ligers? I was obsessed with Shasta when I was a kid. I went to Hogle Zoo every summer when I went to see my grandparents.

I have no idea what this movie was about, but now I must see it. Any movie with ligers must be good.

"Great stock characters given nothing interesting to say and nothing interesting to do."
What you have to realize is that real life isn't like movies. Not much interesting things happen in real life, either. And don't preach to me with something like, "But movies are a way of escaping real life." If you think that's true of all movies, go back to watching Bad Boys 2 or whatever.

I pissed in my pockets at the part when he gets slapped with a sirloin from twenty paces... My bro looked EXACTLY like Napoleon in J-High, fro and all. I grew up in Provo (the makers of the flick as well), and yes, some kids still look like they've been beemed here straight from '88. I imagine that's the case in any Smallville, Ut/Idaho. Too damned funny...

My wife had me buy it. She went to the High School in Preston, ID (where the director grew up) and knows some of the extras. She watched and laughed while I made dinner. The parts I saw were funny, probably because they were so familiar. I guess I need to see the whole thing.

The city had a Napoleon day a while back where you could get the PE Shirts.
Check here http://www.prestonidaho.org/