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the high cost of living

One of my real goals for 2005 is the same goal I set for myself every year (and I say this without a trace of irony): stop procrastinating. Yet, I never seem to....well, you can figure that one out. One of the effects of my 2004 bout with procrastination is that I am out of the Dead Pool. I made my roster, but forgot to send it to Laurence, thus I am shunned by the Dead Pool community. However, I did share the prize for referrers and got a nice Amazon gift certificate out of the deal, which is a hell of a lot more than I got the year I went zero-for-my-picks in the pool. Great for the people on my roster sucks for me. Anyhow, I guess I'll play the at-home version of the dead pool this year. My roster, which means nothing now, is below. If all these people croak in 2005, I'm going to be pissed off.
Jack Klugman Scott Weiland (singer/junkie - Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver) Anna Nicole Smith (self destruction queen) Phil Anselmo (former lead singer of Pantera/self destruction king) Elizabeth Taylor Sharon Osbourne (Ozzy deserves to outlive her) Muhammad Ali Red Auerbach (former coach of Boston Celtics) John Madden (token big,fat white guy pick) Bettie Page (ex pin-up model) Marion Barry (former crack addict/patronizer of hookers/mayor of DC) Fidel Castro (wishful thinking pick) Whitney Houston (crack addict/abused wife) Paul Harvey Gerald Ford (token ex-president pick)


Betty Page is still alive???
I'm having real mental image problems here. Must...not...think...about...

Anna Nicole? You think? She certainly doesn't have any money, now, except what she's making from Trimspa.

Christ, I can't believe I forgot Weiland in my picks. But he has lived this far, who knows, maybe he is one of the few indestructible humans, or something.


Ditto for Whitney. Though that might be my own wishful thinking pick.

I only have one issue with your picks - If Jack Klugman, Liz Taylor, Whitney Houston and Gerald Ford all meet their destinies in a single week, imagine what you'll be seeing/hearing on all the news shows, watching on all the networks, and hearing on all the radios.

Jeez, Whitney Houston is a sad figure. She was such a gorgeous young woman, talented and seemingly full of life. It's painful to look at her now.

""Marion Barry (former crack addict/patronizer of hookers/mayor of DC)


I have Scott Weiland in my picks, as well as Anna-Nichole. Scott is supposed to be off the heroin, but we all know how long that will last.

Democratic Rep. Bob Matsui of California has died. I'm sure he was on somebody's list.

Huh? Where's Meat Loaf? You PROMISED to pick Meat Loaf!

Seriously; it was a privilege to split the referral prize with you, and I'm sorry we won't be competing in the main event. But winning the referral contest to a game you're not even playing... that's high irony. My hat's off to you.



he was not on anybody's list.otherwise, i would have had a freakout meltdown trying to get all the rosters in the database even faster than i did.

the cats are PISSED at me for not playing with them enough this weekend. teaches me not to wait to the last minute to enter that in.

procrastination is spreading... when it gets around to it.