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psa for 2005

January is National Reaching Your Potential Month. You have 31 days to get your act together and live up to all the standards your parents, grandparents, teachers and bosses have set for you. Of course, you can always downplay your own potential and just convince people that you were meant to do nothing more than sit in front of the tv, one hand down your pants, the other hand clutching a beer, wearing pajamas that haven't seen the laundry bin in at least a week. Potential realized. You can relax for the rest of the month. Or you can prepare yourself for February, which is Return Shopping Carts to Supermarkets Month, and March, which is National Play the Recorder Month. One of my goals for 2005 is to provide you with more informative blogging. So there you go. I'm off to a good start of realizing my potential for this endeavor.


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Well then I have already reached my potential, watching 7000 hours of the Twilight Zone.

I'll try to live up to my potential by passing my january exams :)
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I'm a state worker.. nuff said. :)

Happy New Year! I haven't been by for a while and its always nice to be well-informed. All the people who once had expecations of me vanished in the 20th Century, so I no longer have a clue as to what my potential might be, let alone whether I am living up to it.

But its nice to see you living up to your potential.

Thanks for the 'theme of the month' update. You'll have to give us gentle reminders each month,,,

I plan to drink more. I am definitely not reaching my potential there.

Good heavens, Michele! You mean I can actually become more than I am today?

Hell, my family is amazed I survived as long as I have already! I am not sure I can handle being anything more than what I see in the mirror.

Of course, that picture you paint -- sitting in front of the TV, etc., is something I do hope to achieve one day...