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i'm a pod person!

My iPod arrived today and man, is it beautiful. Thanks to Jonathan at Jittery for enabling me to win this prize of all prizes. I've already loaded up a few thousand songs and I'm not nearly done. 20GB, baby. That's a whole lot of music. I tested it out already by taking it food shopping with me. It was kind of nice to be able to roam through the aisles knowing that I had a vast collection of "damn, people, you are in my way" songs with me. That Wu-Tang sure came in handy in the frozen foods aisle. A nice, if frivolous, feature of the of the iPod is the ability to name it. I christened mine Matilda. At least one of you will figure out why. Speaking of winning iPods, my husband is thisclose to winning his contest that I blogged about here, thanks to you guys. If you could all go back and click again I'd be really happy because I don't share well and it would be nice if he had his own. He'd name it Léon. I've got lots of gigabytes to fill. Back to work.


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the u2 ipod (a 4g unit to boot) is very cool. it is a shame apple only did color on the mini. i got my 3g this summer and am still pumping music into it -- 6,300 songs and counting. aside from music, there are also a number of useful apps available and it is an easy way to move larger amounts of data around.


One can only assume you'll load it up with Strauss waltzes and go Waltzing Matilda over at the Outback Steakhouse.

Or, you really dig The Professional. But I wouldn't name one Leon. It's bound to have a catastrophic finale if you do that.

Why the hell do you have to be a *&^^ing U2 fan to get a black iPod. I have been wanting a black iPod (minus that horrible red bit) ever since they came out. Come on Apple we have had all the erm effeminate colours, how about a few butch ones now?

Glad you are happy with your iPod.

I envy you your 4G iPod! I upgraded my 1G to a 3G last year, and just can't see spending more money to upgrade a perfectly fine 3G to a 4G. I know, I have the same amount of hard drive space on my 3G, but I do like the click wheel interface. The only thing I liked better about the 1G iPod than the 3G was that the entire interface centered around the wheel.

Enjoy it! Check out podcasts too. Some really good indie music podcasts out there. I enjoy Tracks Up The Tree, which I found at Podcast Alley. Since I don't listen to the radio anymore (too many commercials, too little good music, too much playing the same damn songs over and over), podcasts at least expose me to new music. I am currently using iPodder as my aggregator.

U2 fans are the butchest there are, Andrew!

Jessica's mini arrived after Christmas, but she still loves it.

I always thought I didn't have an addictive personality. Of course, that was before I discovered prepaid iTunes cards in the checkout lane at Target.

I just pictured you in the frozen food area, rocking the Wu-Tang. Freakin classic...

Happy New Year to you and yours, Michelle!


Pod People on the attack!!!!!!

I second Lesley's recommendation to fill up your iPod with Podcasts. I started one with political blog posts every day, in 3-4 topic areas. I read from Instapundit, Command Post, The American Mind, Andrew Sullivan, the Corner, Powerline and more. iPods are not just for music any more!


Matilda? Next you will start designing and sewing little outfits for it.

I realize this is a little late, but I second your notion about taking that thing with you shopping. I was in a department store the other day blasting the Clash and decided to switch on some Suicidal Tendencies, just for kicks. It was a total disconnect, walking along listening to "I saw your mommy and your mommy's dead" while wandering the aisles with the holiday shoppers.

Enjoy that 20Gs, it's a whole lotta music.