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random christmas gift photo

Present to my father. Message to my mother. There are few things more annoying than a kitchen buddinsky.


Is buddinsky the same as buttinskie? I guess we talk differently down south.

I think mine is just the NY accent spelling.

Hmmm.. and I'd say buddinski. That's NJ accent spelling. ;)

Having a mother like that myself, I really, really want that apron...

Well, etymologically speaking, I think the root phrase "butt in" must survive all accents and the double "T" must remain intact. The "skee" portion is of secondary importance, and I think any reasonable spelling would suffice. However, I prefer the "ski" over any other alternatives I've seen.

Just my $.02 from an Alaska/California buttinski.

Hah! American Heritage says this:

buttinsky or buttinski
n. Slang pl. butt.in.skies, also butt.in.skys or butt.in.skis

One who is prone to butting in; a meddler.

And to think I thought it was a Ukraine thing...