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All you people - from both sides of the political alley - who are using the disaster in Asia as a springboard to frothing at the mouth about people/politicians/religions/organizations you hate - are big, giant, fucking assholes.


Please click the above link for a long list of organizations that are seeking donations for the relief effort. The list will be updated during the day.


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This is just one of those awful things that happens. Non-partisan. Non-denominational.

Grow up, people.

You'd think this would be a time people would put aside differences and concentrate on helping people, this being the season of giving and all...

Apparently, you'd be wrong. My feelings toward humanity stay the same.

Whenever some good will and charity is displayed by one set of people, count on another set of people to come in and piss all over it...

What are you talking about? You are the only one who is exploiting this tragedy--you and the terrorists.

May I add hairy and stinky,too?I agree,using this as a back-drop/excuse to push your agenda is foul and friggin' pig-headed.

Preach, preacher!

Politics is small.

This is big.

What are you talking about? You are the only one who is exploiting this tragedy--you and the terrorists.

if, kfi, by 'exploit' you mean 'help organize and disseminate information about relief agencies to assist in the flow of funds to people affected by this natural disaster' then I'd have to agree.

If not, then you're just a giant asshole.

I think kfi was being sarcastic. 'Course, if that's not the case then kfi will have to share this year's Gluteocephalitis Award with Jan Egeland. Two pricks in a pod.

I completely agree, Michele.
I think people tend to show their true colors in the midst of a major, chaotic event like this - some obviously care more about politics than they do about all the lives that have been lost (and continue to be lost) and families ripped apart by this disaster. I feel contempt for those who try to use human tragedy to their advantage, no matter what their political affiliation.

And BTW, your true colors are something quite wonderful...

FWIW - Fox News website is now reporting the toll at 52,000 & rising.

My God.

Politics doesn't have an "on/off" switch, kids. To think that disasters aren't politicized like every other major event in human existence is simply naive.

The focus should be on provinding humanitarian relief as soon and as effectively as possible to the survivors, but don't for a second think that politics won't be involved every step of the way.

Man, I must be out of the loop. The only issue I've seen/read is that the UN guy called us stingy. I proved him wrong by going to the Red Cross site (and passing Michele's link around to friends.)

"don't for a second think that politics won't be involved every step of the way."

People do have the right to go off on political rants whenever they want, even in a situation like this.

And we have the right to call them big, giant, frigging assholes when they do it.

Confederate Yankee-

First I take exception to your handle here.

Second there does indeed come a time when political wrangling MUST, MUST, take a back seat. We somehow managed it for a week or two after September 11. THIS cataclysm, can't believe it but it's true, is FAR beyond September 11 in it's scope, loss, and ramifications. We are witnessing the potential loss of an entire generation of CIVILIZATIONS. If people can't get beyond their political ambitions\agendas to help these poor souls then they are self serving arrogant swine that I personally wouldn't think twice about tieing to a post until these victims get back on their feet.

I haven't seen any political ranting on this subject beyond that twit Egeland but what do you expect from a UN puke. But I haven't been able to glue myself to the blogs or TV like I otherwise WOULD be.

Wayne, as this is a free country, I suppose you can take offense at anything you damn well please, but don't expect me to change my handle, or anything else because the almighty Wayne Fielder says so.

In addition, we did not come close to losing a generation of any culture in the region, much less a generation of CIVILIZATIONS as you so melodramtically swoon. You know nothing of what you speak.

We're talking a rough grand total of 200,000 dead when all is said and done.

A vast human tragedy this certainly is, but this disaster does not have even a third of the casualties of Stalingrad, or Verdun, or of the 1976 Tangshan earthquake, all of which which were estimated to have killed 650,000 or more, and these events, while tragic in scope, were NEVER held to be the end of civilizations.

This event, while tragic is nowhere near the millions Hindus slaughtered in the repeated Muslim invasions of Herat and other Afghan cities. They murdered until the mountains ran red with so much blood from Islamic swords that they named the mountain range the Hindu "Kush," or "Slaughter." You want to talk about losing generations and civilizations? Look there. This is no where near that scale.

Politics started the second the first surge started receding, whether you were educated to see it, or not.

Al Jezeera accused the US of knowing that the quake was coming to make us look bad in already suspicious Muslim eyes, and members of the Demcratic Underground message boards blamed Bush, Republicans, Christians, Halliburton, and Lockheed-Martin within 24 hours. Indonesia, as a Muslim country, initially rejected help from Israeli Jews. IT goes on, and on, and on.

You may not like it, and maybe you aren't sophisticated enough to follow it all, but politics NEVER stops, especially in disasters.

Lesson over.


generation of children swept away

And if anyone takes offense to a name someone uses on the internet, send them an email. I don't care enough to have my bandwidth wasted by such trivial things.

I'm just thankful Glenn is around to parlay the tragedy into yet another blogosphere cock-stroke.


Thank you for providing in that article a perfect example of media sensationalism.

No objective person can look at the ten countries affected by this tsunami, take at their total populations, and with any degree of credibility say that these countries face anything like the "loss of a generation."

This is a tragedy of great magnitude, and the number of children killed and missing is heart-wrenching, but the reporting of a loss of a generation of children" is nothing more than yellow journalism at its worst.

Quite right, CY.

Hey, speaking of lost generations, the National Coalition for the Homeless says upwards of one million American kids each year are doing without. The DVA says the number of homeless vets in the U.S. is greater than the number of American troops killed during the Vietnam War. Will the blogosphere be holding any fundraisers for them soon? Or should we put them all on the beach and throw a big fucking wave at them first?

Oh my. I'm being a Bad Person, aren't I?

For a diety that just snuffed 50,000 of his own, you sure are snarky.

As for the numbers in the two articles you cite, I'd wager those numbers are evey bit as accurate as the Lancet study that claimed the U.S. had killed 100,000 Iraqi civilans.

Damned Lies.

As for the numbers in the two articles you cite, I'd wager those numbers are evey bit as accurate as the Lancet study that claimed the U.S. had killed 100,000 Iraqi civilans.

Perhaps, but the larger point stands even if the numbers are overstated by a magnitude of ten.

sidestepping the bitching that's going on,

thanks for the work you're putting into this Michelle. Instead of complaining about how things are vs how they should be it's nice to see you working towards what's right.

Yeah, the "Mother Gaia is Angry" meme needs to drink a big cup of shut the hell up.

Poor people.. The humanity..


You can argue that the media is being sensationalistic (the heartbreaking stories of the boy, etc) -but the money collected from the world DRIVEN by these tales can make the difference. In 1916 (or thereabouts-don't feel like looking it up) over 3 million died in a flood - or should I say, some died in the flood, then a whole bunch died afterwards of disease. It is a worthy cause to pimp the stories so people send cash (since it's all most of us can do.)

Amen, Sister.

Wow. Even knowing that people would be using the disaster to froth, I wasn't quite ready for the pettiness of this one (which was linked by Atrios udner the heading "Blessed Are The White Children "):

Hmm. I just decided I really don't give a crap about what anyone thinks. About anything. I don't care about the people using this as a reason to stone Bush and I don't care about the people saying that Muslims deserve this, or that God is punishing people for not believing in the baby jesus. I don't care if you think I should be giving more money to Iraq or Iran or the rainforests or whatever other charities are out there. I don't care if you question my reasons for feelign the way I do or question why I care so much about 70,000 deaths happening in one day and I don't care if you question the altruism of every person who is donating to this relief fund. Go piss somewhere else, it's starting to stink around here.

Wow. Some of the comments here sadden me.

ConYank, however valid and true your comments about politicizing natural events are, however true your comparisons about the numbers who have died in this disaster versus others... you'd do well to learn another lesson: compassion. Not learn it enough to speak it - you have done that much in your comments - but learn it enough to feel it. For you have come off sounding like the most cold-hearted human being I have come across in a long time.

Compassion. Politics. Hmmmm....

You know, looking back on the political season of 2004, that's one word that nobody can rightly claim. Compassion.

Michele, you are quite right. This comment thread really reeks. It's too bad too - for when I think about:

Compassion. Tsunami.

One of the first people who come to mind is you. Sorry to see you play host to something like this.