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I am no longer going to update the How to Help post here - it is already time consuming trying to keep the post at TCP updated. Please check this post at TCP for ways to help - the list is constantly being updated and includes local as well as national agencies, in addition to smaller charities and organizations that are starting relief efforts. Also listed are numbers to call if you or anyone you know is searching for friends or relatives missing in the area. Tsunami Help Blog has been a tremendous source of links, news and charities, as well as emergency phone numbers.


Listed below are links to weblogs that reference psa:

» Tsunami Survivor Blog from Common Sense Runs Wild
I found an interesting blog, Crossroads Dispatches by Evelyn Rodriguez. She was off the coast of Thailand when the tsunami hit and over the last couple of days she's been detailing her experience. We were on a boat tour when [Read More]


Thanks for the link to the Tsunami Help Blog and your How to Help post. I know a lot of work went into it.