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so this was Christmas

We've got fresh, sparkly snow out here this morning and even though it's only a few inches, we're going to pretend it's a major blizzard and we're snowbound. Why? Because there is no better way to spend the days after Christmas than stuck in your house with all your new toys/games/DVDs. Christmas was good. A healthy mixture of mudslides, karaoke, board games, too much food, wine, weird relatives and the slight buzz one gets from opening presents all made for a very merry Christmas. And how was yours? What did you all get? [I'll post some holiday photos - and get back to more regular blogging - later on today]


I got Toby Keith's Greatest Hits, Vol 2 and Xmas with my extended family, a rarity in years gone by. Does an old man good, it does!

Hm. New clothes. A new job. A new tea-pot. A tummy-ache from too many sweets. Not too shabby.

How bad did you get it on your part of LI?
My wife called out, "go get the shovel, I need the car," (on Staten Isle), but when I looked at the driveway, it was more 'just need a broom.'

About three inches. If I wait a few hours, the sun will clean the car off and I'll just have to sweep the walkway.

Got so laid!No actual presents to speak of,but I don't care.Did I mention I got Laid?

Christmas day was good. House full of four generations of family, food and good conversation.

One bit of saddness, though, as we lost our cat, Feathers on Christmas eve. (read about her at link).

She was almost 19 years old. Older than my youngest daughter.

Good presents, my wife even got me 20 T-shirts with my blog name and Thomas Paine quote, to give out to friends. Good time with my family. As for snow, we ended up with about 13 inches this morning here in metro-west Boston.

We had a great Christmas. Jessica is home from school, had a great first semester at UT. Abby is chillin from her first half year in high school.

This was the first Christmas that my dad wasn't so sad missing mom (me too).

And Michele posted a story I wrote and people seemed to enjoy it.

Hooray for Christmas!

Oh yeah, and it snowed in Houston, south of us, snowed in Dallas, north of us. Missed us completely.

Don't care. It's been a great Christmas.

got a Spongebob Squarepants watch


a Spiderman2 pen that shoots a webbed suctioncup-tipped foam dart.

I promised not to shoot the dog, but couldn't resist shooting my commie little brother last night.