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aww damn

Reggie White is dead. Back when I worked in a record store in the 80's, I had this friend Kevin, a Cowboy fan, who was fond of saying "Damn, damn Reggie White!" Every time I see Reggie's name, I can hear Kevin saying that. Damn, damn Reggie White. One of my football heroes is gone. RIP, man.


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Very sad to hear of this at any time. Especially someone four years younger than me.

Articles at www.packers.com and www.jsonline.com/packer

I finally got to go to my first game at Lambeau (against the Rams) this year. My Brother-in-Law now has tickets to the play-offs so even with a 500 mile drive each way I'll probably have to go to the game.

Very hard to believe that a great athlete could die so young. He was the best defensive lineman since Merlin Olsen. A real team leader as evidenced by his Super Bowl wins. I am shocked.

I always think of Reggie White as the guy who went before the Wisconsin Legislature and made some of the stupidest and most offensive statements ever. He talked of the White Man and the gifts God gave him, how the Asian received the gifts of creativity and invention ("Go to Japan or any Asian country, and they can turn a television into a watch" was exhaulted, as if that feat would be anything laudatory), and how the African has the gifts of celebration and dance. I think his comment regarding Latinos said they have the gift of the "family struct'" and praised the manner in which Latinos could fit dozens of people into homes. His moronic statements regarding homosexuals pale in comparison to those stereotype-derived ravings.

He was a great football player, but a certifiable ignoramus. Yes, I'll miss him.

Jon, I agree with you on all counts regarding his public statements.

Hell of a football player, though.

FWIW, White did apologize later for those remarks.

Whether he apologized or not, they remain a classic example of how to destroy a (then budding) career in broadcasting. Here's an address for those who enjoy racial stereotypes with a dose of lunacy:


Yeah, it's sad. Too young.