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4,000 Dead in quake

Post-Christmas blogging on delay, as I spend some time over at Command Post, covering the devastating story of the Southeast Asia earthquake. 4,000 dead from the quake and resulting tsunamis, floods, etc. The death toll will surely rise today. I'm collecting links for relief efforts and emergency numbers (there are a lot of western tourists in the are this time of year) - if you know of any, please drop a link in the comments. 4,000 dead. Hard to fathom. Today happens to be the one year anniversary of the Bam earthquake that killed over 4,000 and devasted the area.


you missed a zero in the bam earthquake...it was 40,000 dead.

p.s. Hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas!
/doesn't really think that this was the best time to say that:-(

- Looks like that number is going to climb....Early reports are estimating more than 11,000... Dayum....